Ten Year Riff / Blog


One beautiful morning not so long ago, a couple homies were drinking coffee on the front porch and sharing their thoughts and feelings on music. They were distressed; confused. Many of their fellow musician friends were not confident enough with themselves or their music to perform it.

... They shrugged it off and went to the studio. As they proceeded to jam out and create some caffeine-induced, high-voltaged-awesomeness, they smiled at each other with warm understanding in their eyes.

They realized at that moment what music was all about; creating the moment and living in it.

Be the music that you want to listen to on the radio.

( Let go of your ego and Own your art--don't lock yourself in your room and play your guitar all alone...It's all good. We love to hear your beautiful songs! )

Thus, Ten Year Riff was formed. 2011.