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A Night to Remember

Again and again....I cannot thank Bill Heath, Shana Whitehead, and the Muddy Creek Players for having me as a Guest Artist at the Muddy Creek Music Hall. What an absolutely magical day and night! The whole shebang started out with a face painting session by Madelyn Greco, what crazy fun that was, and a first...didn't realize that one could still have so many firsts in one day! To me, two firsts, at my age (LOL), is a lot. The second was being backed up by a fabulous group of folks; The Muddy Creek players headed up by their fearless leader, Bill Heath. And the rest band consisting of Josh Casstevens, Shelly Stevens, Jennifer Lynn Kristupis, Hal Martin, Ken Nocito, and the never-ending energy of Davidson Smith...all I can say is what a fine group of musicians. Such a pleasure it was....lots of laughs, good music, bad music (only in rehearsal LOL), and real people. Its funny, this musical community of ours is so vast , we can sometimes think so narrowly and lose sight of the opportunities there are out there for us to meet new friends and family. I was blessed to have one of those opportunities! And I wish for all of my friends, musicians, and lovers of music to have many, many nights to remember :) OH! And enjoy the video from the evening..."You Better Be Good to Me"...cover by Tina Turner.

Thank you North Star!

A Huge THANK YOU to North Star Media for playing my song "On Green Dolphin Street"! Hope you liked! Cheers!

Music tonight at Cafe Pasta Greensboro

Join me tonight from 6-9pm for live Jazz, R&B and blues at Cafe Pasta in Greensboro!

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Hi all! Just wanted to let you know that when you download my contents you have an app automated to your phone.....just one tap and I am there for you!