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New record "MY BLACK HEART" release party!

The new Geoff Abraham & The Stone City record release party will be June 1st at the Dunedin Brewery! We had a great time making this record, about 90% of it was recorded live, we just set up the mics and played. The vocals, guitars, guitar solos, drums and bass where all tracked live except for 2 songs. We had some great musicians play with us on the record, Roger Manning Jr. played B3 and Wurlitzer piano, Ronnie Dee blew some sax and did some back ups, Ernie Locke played harmonica, Rob Stoney played B3 and piano and Finn Walling sang some back ups. So far we have done 2 videos for My Black Heart and Gonna Be Alright with more to follow. Please check them out and feel free to share them with your FBF's... Thank you to everyone who helped us out and hope to see you on June 1st! G&TSC

New Record Almost Done!

Our new record "My Black Heart" will be done this week! We have released a video for the first single My Black Heart and will be releasing a second video for Gonna Be Alright in 1 week. Hope to see you out at a show!!!

New Record

Starting recording my second Geoff Abraham & The Stone City record last night!!! New song "I Brought A Gun To A Knife Fight" almost done!