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Plans for October:

Hey all, so here's the official line from us about what we want to get accomplished this October: First, WE MUST TAKE OVER THE INTERWEBZ. It's simple, really. First, we reach the top ten on the Greensboro rock charts and get at least 50 fans of the facebook, second (....), third, PROFIT. Also, we are working on two new songs plus a music video to be ready hopefully in early November - so stay tuned and we'll keep you posted as the details come! Finally, we would like to have an official band website, although we can make do with this for right now. It would just be nice to have our own domain name =] Love y'all!

MySpace sucks, but fan us there anyway!


Music Video?

We're thinking about being a music video for one or two of our songs...you know, just to be silly. Hey, also, if you have a facebook (meaning if you're not a caveman) you should go like our profile there too. Love you guys =]


A few days later...

Well, in less than a week we jumped from the three-hundred-something to the top 100 on the Greensboro rock charts. Either that says something good about us or something bad about the Greensboro rock charts...