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Okay Boys and Girls, Rockers and Rollers help your little Rockers out. We need three more views on our YouTube clip to bring us up to 26600 hits. So crank it up, get ya fingers clicking! \m/ \m/https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WvPmlTGy5V8

WE RISE The cats out of the bag !!

Hey you Rockers...so the new video is out and is doing very well. We thank you all for your support. The music clip has been uploaded to all our usual sights and it has also been submitted to RAGE on the ABC. The Guys at Vision Films have put this together to promote the new movie RISE, so jump over to their page and hit like and show your support then go and smash it up on YouTube and leave a comment....Cheers Von Rocker \m/ \m/

WE RISE Von Rocker

Well Rocker and Rollers another song out and about. This comes off the back of the soon to be released new Aussie Movie 'RISE'. Stay tuned for the music video that will be out soon to support the movie. cheers Von Rocker \m/\m/

RISE the Movie

We are calling all the Von Rocker fans who have signed up to our page, liked our page or liked our FB page to go to the RISE movie page on FB and hit the like button....the movie has a great story a great cast and some great music supplied by your friendly little Rockers and Rollers...so bang your head and bang that button... \m/ \m/

Miss July

Hi Ya All....we have just uploaded the first of the BYTCH songs called Miss July. BYTCH was the first band that we formed, and brought us to Sydney so many years ago. We wrote this one when we were maybe all of sixteen years of age. This one is straight off the deck with a quick little mix and no mastering....but we love it and the memories it brings....So check it out and the BYTCH, WICKED and VON ROCKER pages here on Reverbnation...\m/ \m/


So it's been a long time but it's been a very busy time for us. Not only recording for the new Von Rocker Album "Double Platinum" but even more so with the two other side projects BYTCH and WICKED. After our one night stand last year with the WICKED reunion gig some interest was generated. So we have dug into the Von Rocker Vault and decided to breath a little life into some of the music that we love so much. Where we can, we will track down some of the musicians who were in that band for that song. As you could appreciate most are either dead, lost, damaged, not interested, in jail or all of the above. Some great songs are on their way in one form or another so stay tuned. We have set up BYTCH and WICKED pages on Reverbnation and the songs will be posted there and on our main Von Rocker page. So Keep Rockin and Rollin \m/ \m/


Hey all you Rockers and Rollers, here is a little something from the new CD. The track FANTASY GIRL is straight from the desk...no mix no master....the raw stuff..CHEERS \m/ \m/

Hi Ya

Well as things go...so far so good and as with all things it's time for a change and to shake the tree. In saying that our bass player and drummer are departing the Von Rocker family in search of bigger and brighter things. We thank them for all of their help over that past year and wish them all the best in the future. They will be missed. However this will open the door for another couple of Rock n Rollers to join the mayhem. So watch this space for audition times and locations. So it's back in the studio to finish off a couple of bitz and pieces, stay tuned. Rockers out \m/ \m/

Wicked Reunion

So if you think that you might have missed out on the good old Heavy Hair Bands from the 80's in Sydney...think agian! Later this year some of those bands will be back on stage for a one night stand. The band "Wicked" includes three of the current members from Von Rocker. So stay tuned for the event date, dye your hair as black as you can and put on that old leather and be ready to Rock n Roll. \m/\m/ check out the poster in our pix file !!!

new ranking

Hi all a special thanks to all of those who have helped us move up the charts...some new music and info on it's way soon so stay tuned. cheers the Rockers \m/