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Looking to record?

i've been putting more focus on recording and producing other bands and artists. i will still release my own music. but if you are reading this and are looking for someone to record one of your songs then message me. i have recording equipment and have experience in a studio recording some people and bands. so if your interested send me a message


i have been off the radar for a while. im ready to release some more music though! i have a few songs thats being recorded. some that just need to be mixed and mastered. hopefully everyone will like all the new songs that will be coming out.

New Name!

This is still the music of Johnathan Bond, but i decided i needed an actual band name. My name is just a weird name to be a solo artists name. so i came up with the name Crimson & Clover. i took the name from the song Crimson and Clover by Tommy James and The Shondells. It's a song and band that inspired me.

The Sound of My Music

I've adopted that iconic 80's drum sound to my music. Gated snare drums, toms and reverb. I won't always have that drum sound, but some of the songs im working on will have that drum sound. My guitars tend to take the background roll in my music im working on bringing them more as the lead instrument. My synths are retro inspired, but sometimes will have a modern sound to them. Like always the 80's is a big influence on my newer music.


My sound has always had an 80s influence to it. I decided that a lot of my stuff is gonna have a 80s feel to it but with a modern twist. 80s drums will be a big part in future songs and the synthesizers.


I have many projects in the works at the moment. Im working on an all Ambient Album which will mostly be instrumentals. Also i have a project in which is a band that will post Youtube Videos of covers and originals. The band is called Crimson & Clover. If the band gets a good following then some shows will be scheduled. I also have projects im working on with other artists providing my skills or helping artists with recording music in which they may not know or have all the technical stuff required. The summer of 2013 im in talks with this country artist and going on tour with him as his keyboard player, but i would still continue to release my solo stuff. So within the next few months expect a lot of material coming.

New and old songs

I Can't Sleep, Each Day, Out All The Time, Out In The Sea, and Sometimes are all songs i wrote and recorded years ago and i might re record them in the future but the songs other than those are my better recorded songs and the ones i will not mind presenting to people.

My Writing Process

When i write my music it usually starts with an idea or something that has happened in my life. All the songs i have posted are songs that has happened to me some exactly the way they are and some over exaggerated. i usually like starting out with some type of story and writing lyrics and music to a story and visual movie inside my head. when i write music i see it in my head like a movie. Their are scenes and everything. It gives my great music video ideas. Well that's the first of many blogs to come.