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Real Slowly but Surely Doing Numbers

After dropping the album "Real" on http://www.reverbnation.com/store/index/artist_1976194 it is starting to get recognized, so don't sleep on this Great work of art... it will be available on iTunes soon... as of now it is available for purchase on Reverbnation and www.soundcloud.com/anre-le as well... DOWNLOADS as LOW as .50

"Real" Drops Aug. 20th or a lil later

My album will be released on ITunes on Aug. 20th or may be pushed back due to the volume of other albums and singles releasing....But this album is a must hear, must have, mixture of rapping and singing... Hits relevant topics in life, it's worth every penny!!


Available on Itunes 08/20/13 Can't give up on a dream that's became reality

Living Lyfe

Tobacco Kites and Safe Flights got me up in tha studio on late nights...tryna get my craft right...Do we really need SLEEP??

Tha Truth

Tell tha truth with this music, all I HAVE IS MY WORD AND MY NAME

87.7 Tha Hood

Tune in to 87.7 @ 7 p.m. and hear my new single "We On Dat"

Tha best unheard talent in KY

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