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Knowledge is Power Campaign

Organized and Hosted by: The South Side Click: Montrell Nelson & LaQuinton Holliday

This campaign is based on brotherhood and the community. The campaign is all about building up the community, building up the youth, and building up the people through cook-outs, local baseball and basketball games, and local talent shows. The talent shows also offer to musicians a chance to build a small studio for young talent to come in and work on their music, skill building, promotion of your music, build up a fan base, and come intact with the state of Mississippi. We also want to have poem readings with live entertainment; this is for the people who want to express themselves. The money that is received from all of the events will go back into the community, to help organize all events listed. We feel strongly about our community and in our hearts know that this is what the community wants and needs. It's about creating an opportunity for everybody to be a part of. We would like to create an organization for gang members who would like either to get out of the gang or find other ways to live their life without gang activity being fore front of their lives. We care and want others to about themselves and their futures. This campaign is also designed to keep the kids out of trouble and encourage them to be in the books. It teaches more respect, and to show them that with confidence, your lifetime dream, can become a reality. This is for adults to, we hope you approve and support our campaign!! We are just asking now that you spread the word and you will be fully notified when the campaign takes off. -The Knowledge is Power Staff