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Look! No Hands

I'm writing this blog on June 18th of two-thousand and twelve. We've recorded and distributed our demo amongst a variety of people. We have written two new songs "Delights and Screaming Kites" and "Look! No Hands." The first song I intended on just being the name of our first blog, but now it's a title of one of our songs. Our bass player Zakk dropped out and we currently need a permanent one. Our friend AJ filled in for one of our shows, but he is unable to be our permanent bassist. Once we write at least three more songs, we will hopefully record the rest of them. Thus, putting together a full album to sell on itunes. Sean introduced me to his tattoo artist, J. He is an awesome dude and an amazing artist. Much love to red dragon. He will most likely be doing some artwork for our band as well once we decide to make stickers and t-shirts. Although that probably won't be until we record the rest of our material. -Rob

Delights and Screaming Kites

I'm writing this blog on February twenty-second of two-thousand and twelve. We've been a band now for about a few months. We have our first two shows on March second at Fogarty's and March third at The Underground. I'm looking forward to playing my first show as a front-man since I was sixteen. It's been four years since then. I'm also looking forward to getting into the studio to lay down a demo. Sean is giving me his "Grindhouse" poster on saturday, I'm pretty stoked about that. He gave me his "Pulp Fiction" poster already too. Seems he is doing some redecorating in his room. -Rob