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This would mean the world to us...

Hey everyone. We need to ask a little favor from all of you (and if you have already done it, thank you from the bottom of our hearts) We are trying to raise money in order to record a BRAND NEW 12 SONG ALBUM! This is the website to visit to help out. www.robotsandracecars.net/newalbum we have been working really really hard getting stuff together, practicing, playing shows, and meeting all of you, and its time we put out some new music. (I know you ALL agree!) so what we have done is started in the Kickstarter program...its this neat website that allows you to pledge money to help us record our new album. now because we love you all, there are alot of really great rewards that come with each level of pledge! for example...if you pledge $35 you get 1- Personal thank you video from us 2 - a digital verson of the very first single recorded for the new album (super early) 3 - Digital versons of both our existing albums 4- a signed hard copy of the new album on release date 5- a T-shirt we arn't asking for a hand out...we are asking for you to believe in us. We have been playing together and making music since 2003, doing all of this ourselves, often giving away alot of songs and playing shows for free...WE LOVE DOING IT, but sometimes financially we just can't do all the things we want to. this is one of those times. We promise you that it will be worth your time and money...we have big plans for this album! If we reach our goal, and can record this album...and that will mean the world to us :) Thank you for reading Matthew - Robots and Racecars


The day you all have been waiting for has finally arrived, Robots and Racecars would like to OFFICIALLY WELCOME BACK JORDAN!

That’s right the spiky haired, guitar wielding, super force that provided lead guitar riffs for all of our recordings is back after nearly 2 years of being lost in time!

Struck by the time-and-space-bending Omega Beams of the alien god Darkseid, an amnesiac Jordan was cast back in time to the dawn of history. Nearly killed by a tribe of Neanderthals led by the immortal caveman who would become Vandal Savage, Jordan was rescued by a younger human, who returned his Guitar to him. Operating more on instinct than actual knowledge, Jordan donned the pelt of a giant bat and used his guitar against the cavemen, but was eventually forced to flee by jumping over a waterfall. When he recovered at the bottom, he found he had jumped further forward in time, arriving in Puritan times.

While all of this had been going on, Jordan's allies in the Robots and Racecars had realized that he was still alive, and had been searching for him.

Wait a minute…that was Batman again wasn’t it?

Anyway Jordan is back, tell him how happy you are on our page

So everyone is aware!

We love you all the more you support us the more we want to continue, sometimes we feel tired, or like the music isn't going anywhere, or not enough people come out to our shows. To be honest sometimes we aren't even sure anyone even likes our band. but you know what every nice comment, every stickcam chat, every youtube video view. it keeps us going. and now we say thank you, we will keep it up, if you keep watching/listening/enjoying what we do :) - Robots and Racecars

Ok so check it!

if all goes according to plan...(which it will bc we are awesome) the upcoming Stickam special will be FULL BAND! thats right electric guitars, drums, bass, high voltage antics...circle kicks, a pinata full of explosives that spray glitter everywhere. make sure you tune in October 16th 4pm EST www.stickam.com featured on the main page and if anyone is going to New York Comic Con on Sunday October 10th keep an eye out for Matthew and Nicholas...say Hi and stuff! talk to you later! -Robots And Racecars


Hey everyone We have some exciting news this week! first and foremost! NEW T-SHIRTS!!! Matthew and Frankie show you guys the new T-shirts in this weeks video blog (which will be up later tonight) so make sure you come out to a show and pick one up! Second After the overwhelming response on our first Stickam Special we have been asked to do another! that will be Saturday, October 16th at 4pm EST!!! This time we will be hella-organized so make sure you have your questions/requests ready! again all you have to do for this show is log onto www.stickam.com and find us on the featured page! we also suggest that if you don't already have a username you go ahead and set one up, this way you can join the live chat during the show and even the Video so we can see your pretty faces! and once you do...add us as a friend! www.stickam.com/robotsandracecars anyway hope all of you are having a wonderful week and can't wait to see you on Stickam! - Robots and Racecars

Hey everyone

So this week is starting off pretty good...not much rocking but a whole lot of excitement! we are looking for new places to play so if anyone has any venues they would like to see us at please speak up!! mostly in the philadelphia area please! (we still don't have a van) also our NEW T-SHIRTS should be done any day now! this is exciting because it's not every day we can afford to get more merch for you guys! also, new video blog is up, saying pretty much everything I said here... yeah rock on, have fun, eat something pumpkin related for it is finally Fall!! - Robots and Racecars

We are so overjoyed and thankful!!

As you may already know, yesterday (9/18/2010) at 4pm EST we had an hour long Featured show on stickam (www.stickam.com)

this was completely organized the day before (hours before our St Paul's Show)

and on top of that, come show time, Matthew, Nicholas, and Tommy were running late.

needless to say...we were a bit worried

So we start off with some jokes and a few songs and much to our surprise it started to really flow! part of that may of been our manager Santoro feeding us questions from the viewers and moving the show along, as well as our friends in "Forever is Fleeting" and Bruce W of "Victory in Numbers" coming up and hanging out.

long story short...

1 hour featured turned into 2 hours featured...with Stickam running it featured on repeat for the remainder of the evening.

we ended the day at 67,281 views!!!!

that means 67,281 people were (at the very least) exposed to our name!

and because of that we are extremely thankful and overjoyed.

we would like to thank everyone who played a part in making this possible...(no specific order)

The guys at www.stickam.com for letting us play

Santoro for hooking us up and helping kill dead air

Steel tip for generally being awesome!

Bruce W and Forever is Fleeting for hanging out and singing with us

and of course...everyone who watched the show!!!

Thank you, you all helped make the show awesome and fun! and we hope we get the chance to do it again sometime soon.

Robots and Racecars

The show last night...THANK YOU EVERYONE!!!

So last nights show was AMAZING!!! Big Ups to the people at Free Love Promotions for putting it together!

so what happened was we have had some trouble securing a practice space...as you can understand its very hard for us to practice. We have been a band for a long time and know our stuff so we thought it would be great to let the fans who came to the show write our setlist!

this isn't something we usually do, but it is something we will do again!

It was so much fun playing songs we haven't done in a while, usually we are so excited to show everyone the "new" songs we have on deck so we kind of overlook the old favorites.

thank you so much everyone who contributed to the awesome setlist!

we also got together with some old friends in "The Escape" (who I swear get better every time I see them) and of course our buddies in "Nobody Yet" killed it as usual!

as we are playing the power cut out a few times...and when we say a few times we mean like 5.

There isn't a better feeling than a room full of people screaming your lyrics on the top of their lungs to keep the fun going until the power comes back on.

thank you everyone who was at St Paul's Church last night

Be sure to log on to http://www.stickam.com/ and check out our featured hour long show...TODAY @ 4pm!!!

Show tonight...Dance Dance Dance!

Sing that in your head use any melody you like but none the less SHOW TONIGHT!!!!

So its thrusday...

And Tomorrow (sept 17th) we have a show! (details on our page) we want to see everyone there so if you can make it! be sure to do so! for anyone that knows us already you know that we are just a bunch of guys with a common goal...to have a good time, talk about nerdy stuff, and rock your collective faces off. if you don't know...well now you do! we hope that with your help, we will be able to show the world that you can be yourself and make great things happen in the process, whatever you are into...(in our case its music) because we arn't able to record new songs that often we have been doing weekly updates on our Youtube page www.youtube.com/randrband we usually tell everyone what is going on with the band and then play a song (most of the time one that isn't already on a studio recording ) this is a good way to keep up with what we are doing musically and where we will be playing next! so make sure you stop buy Youtube and subscribe to randrband! another thing is our mailing list...this is great because you don't have to go anywhere to hear about whats happening! we will simply send you an email every week or so just to say hi and let you in on the "ins and outs" of Robots and Racecars. so if you have the time...be sure to sign up for that! thanks for your time everyone, and have a great day! see you all tomorrow at St Pauls church in Levittown PA!! Robots and Racecars