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Orikl / Blog


The greatest part of being human, in my opinion, is the ability to feel…. emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually…. It is our true Blessing in being and existing cohesively on earth. In my years on earth as a soul manifest in human form, I’ve observed the complexity and simplicity of human nature, and I must say that it has been an interesting journey being affected by those two factors, both as victimizer and victim of such. Most of the time we take the negative things and encounters we experience and use them as a template to either make us love or hate more in our lives, depending mostly on one thing…Gratitude. In a time where it is too easy to give up….and just as easy to be inspired by the rapid changes of the world and our communities alike, I fell that now more than ever it is important for all humanity to understand the value of Gratitude and its function in moving forward through positive light for each ones personal growth, so we all can grow collectively at the same speed for the overall betterment of our collective growth on earth. It is important to understand that with the implementation of this idea, we as a people can evolve into something more than we could ever imagine……. And I mean more so as a whole than individually. There has been a lot of emphasis on inner development in spiritual teaching, perception and understanding, but in my journey thus far, I have learned that it is more important to understand oneself through co-existence. I firmly believe that it is important for us all to determine who we are through the idea of understanding others. This way we can determine who we are not, so we can know who we are, resulting in a more clearly collective objective as humanity. Everyone has their own agenda, which is fine because personal understanding shows ones spiritual interest….interest in God. However, we must practice being grateful for the people, and things that we endure and trust that Gratitude shadowed in Humility will bring more closure and acceptance to the unfavorable experiences, and people that we encounter in our daily lives. We must bind to the atoms of Love, and understand the value of collective intention. This cannot happen without the understanding that Gratitude is the one thing that will stop the wars we fight within and with eachother. In realizing that we all are responsible for the greatness that we create for eachother, and in eachother, we can look beyond the color barrier, gender barrier, orientation barrier, socio-economical barrier, political barrier, and cultural barrier to name a few, that we hold so dear to us. It is a deadly flaw we all posses, and must correct…like yesterday! In my personal perception, God Almighty Divine is the facilitator, and we are the decision makers. That is the blessing that God gives us…..The blessing of freedom of choice, even down to the choice of personal destruction if one chooses. The Divine loves you enough to give you the freedom to choose your own hell, if that is what you desire. That is how The Divine’s power is realized…..Through our choices, we create our world as God has created ours through His Divine Desire. My people….be Greatful and Humble in every choice, desire, preference, intention, and need your custom-made soul, persona, and emotions hunger. To be Greatful is to be Humble, and to be humble is to be God…..Blessings and send feedback if you see fit. Peace

Orikl As Salaam- Al Fattah

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