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Dylan,Difranco & Long

Come on baby take me with you Im tired of standing still The air is thick as thieves Carrying on like a cold night chill The stars and the ocean collide like a rampant wildfire That Sweeps across the desert land from one strike from Gods hand It might sound over the top but I know you understand Cause i'm thinking about you more and more everyday Memories plus time times space seem to be in my way Lately I need reasons to play these songs I play

These songs I Play

Seem to make me drop a tear and slow down my step Look at myself in the mirror until quiet has been kept Under lock and key I think I forgot to forget the me I used to be Now it's killing me oh it's killing me To move at all and think ahead Cause when I look to future it's empty O now I'm seeing red Purple and pink and blue in this Mexican sunset Is a perfect reason as any to pick up my guitar I guess And play oh these songs

Oh Dylan,Difranco and Long Helping on my way today Dylan, Difranco and Long Giving me inspiration

Robert sings Don't think twice Man i have trouble even thinking once Ani's screaming about being fierce Oh yes it's in her words I trust Blaine looked me in the eye and said I''d like to hear just you and a guitar The best compliment I've ever had by far So now the sun has set and I'm waiting for the stars to call my name What this all has in common is honesty is the name of the game They got me striving and crying and carrying on Thank you oh thank for giving me reason to sing these songs

Oh Dylan,Difranco and Long Helping on my way today Dylan, Difranco and Long Giving me all I need Inspiration Dylan Difranco and Long Helping me see a brighter day Oh Dylan Difranco and long I want to thank you for the inspiration

The only human being left on earth

The only human left on earth So when I asked you, you said yes So that is what I thought you meant But just like that you pulled back And I was left there in the space Awkwardly longing for the taste That I thought only you could give I was a fool to fall for you just because I thought you were pretty Thinking back to those days I was so dumb and silly To feel like you were the only other human being left on earth So I turned and walked away You said exactly what I thought you’ld say Hey where do you think you’re going I didn’t say we were finished here I said I think you have mistaken me for someone that really---- cares About all your childhood tragedies And how you never understood all your stepmoms blank stares Sometimes I still wondered if you ever truly cared Then other times I think aw ya girl we were quite a pair So why did you feel like you were the only human being left on earth So after all the ego groans the dust settled round my bed I let her know id let her go if she kept kicking in my brain I asked hey what’s the deal why you keep messing with my head I stopped and labored in a dramatic pause I guess I can’t complain cause she said that she liked my songs Then I realized I did not feel anything Then just like that she wanted more and I picked up my guitar to sing Like you were the last human being left on earth Now the moral of my story is you’ll never really know Someone until they slap you with the weight of the unknown And that there might be something better hidden in the painting by the road And that it’s up to you to see past the shine of the glowing gold Just because someone asks you don’t have to give them your soul I’m only going to tell you this one time You might need it to fall back on when you find That you weren’t the only human being left on earth Written by Shawn Johnson

Knocks me Down

Just when I think I put it all together I got it just right Darker weather Comes rolling in I recall my sins I wonder if This is going to be the one that knocks me down Knocks me down Knocks me down Got to get up Start over again Will I have a clean slate On to the flipside What’s it all mean Maybe nothing Maybe everything that you’ve ever thought Is the cause Of the next thought How far have i Slid down the rabbit hole It Knocks me down Knocks me down Got to get up Start all over again And again and Again Didn’t I learn last time Time In then time out Over time Clock is ticking Got to make it Got one more shot Is the last time I’ll have the ball in my hands Keep it rolling Afraid it’s too late now Too stop it all Even if I wanted To be a carpenter A gardener a painter Anything but what I am now But there you are Right in front of me Through it all You’ve given me everything I’ve ever wanted So this is where I’ll stay Giving you everything That I’ve got inside me So when it Knocks me down Knocks me down Got to get up Start all over again For you And again and Again It Knocks me down Knocks me down Got to get up Start all over again Written by Shawn Johnson

New Song " Family of Friends"

Got to know when to go for it Got to pay attention to the signs Instead of ignoring it You can feel when the red flags rise Go ahead and try Tell me do you like how it feels inside Comical how we constantly coincide Help me open up my third eye And see you for the first time One more time again For all my family and friends Those I met on the road And those that will be with me until the end This is for my family This for my family of friends Got to know when to stop Tell ourselves over and over Man that stove is hot As our hands move closer to the burner But we give it all we got Keep fighting when the dark tries to creep into your light Walk with me Together lets stand and unite See life for the first time One more time again Like through the eyes of child For all my family and friends Those I met on the road And those that will be with me until the end This is for my family This for my family of friends When we don’t see each other for way too long Know you’re in my heart, my head and all of my songs I dream of the moment when we’ll sing again My family of friends My family of friends You are my family of friends This is for my family of friends Written by Shawn Johnson

Songs for Scenes

Hello. This is the beginning of a new time for me. I'm starting to promote my first solo cd. It's a collection of songs from different periods in my life. I've tried to create different sound scapes then the norm for myself on this cd. I've mixed Acoustic with beats and string layers. Brushes on the drums with deep bass lines. Many different people helped make this cd come alive. 4 different people helped with mixing and mastering it , including myself. My last two full band studio albums Strength and IV were much more polished then Song for Scenes. Some songs are full band including some impromtu piano tracks from Luca. Some songs are straight acoustic and vocal made on my 8 track. I think there's something for a lot of different listeners on this cd. My kids like it and if it wasn't good they would tell me. I hope you enjoy the tracks I've put up on reverb nation. please share these with friends and co-workers. Light Shawn Johnson


Do you ever get that feeling where the hair on the back of your neck stands up. All of sudden a sense of urgency pushes you towards something. You don't know what it is and why it's happening at all. This is the feeling I get before I sit down to write a song and it is these senses that drive me to relentlessly play my music like it's the last time ever. I hope you enjoy these songs I've put on this site. I have. Peace Shawn Johnson