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BIG PLANS for 2015!!

So some of you know that I am out in California trying out the music scene for a little while! Things are pretty great here, sunny weather, great food, avocados are in abundance here lol and lots of music! Now don't worry my southern beauties, I've got some great ideas for summer/fall of 2015 so keep checking in on me and see what is to come. Right now I am in the process of booking more gigs out here at some really great venues ( so cross your fingers for me) I hope to have some updated info for you guys soon! Also in the works of writing more music, if you have not listened to my most recent album "Fallin" please go check it out on itunes or Amazon Mp3 Support local music! Well much love to all you and hope to hear from you guys soon!

Friday Happy Hour!!

Hey everyone this Friday night at Universal Bar and Grill from 730-8pm I will be playing a 30 minute set for happy hour!! So come on out and have some fun with me!!

Friday night & The New Album "Fallin"

Alright, so some of you guys need a little fun in your life!! So Friday night August 15th I will be playin at The Tavern!! 8-11 Come have some cold beer, great chicken wings and lots of fun with your girl!! I will be singing and playing the night away!! Also if you come and kick it with me be sure to buy my new album "Fallin" that I will have for sale $10 for some awesome indie music! If you prefer to do a digital download then go and get it now on Itunes or Amazon Mp3!! Just search my name and do it!! lol help me out guys! Much love to all of you,have a great week and hope to see all of you out at the Tavern Friday!!

Thursday Night Fun!!!

IF you are bored and have nothing to do or IF you are looking for some fun this evening come out to The Big Chill! 8-12 I will be there singing and playing the night away!! Would love to have you guys out there! Also I will have a copy of my new album on me so come out and buy your copy tonight!

New Album "Fallin" on Itunes & Amazon Mp3

Hey everyone you can now buy my new album "Fallin" off Itunes and Amazon MP3!! Just search my name on these stores:) support your indie artis and let's get some new music out there. I appreciate all the love and support and I know you will enjoy the new album!!

New Album "Fallin" on ITunes!!!

Hey everyone, as some of you have been asking me to put my album on itunes....well it's up there for you to download! So be sure to get your copy! If not hit me up at my next gig and buy the physical copy!! Love you guys thanks for the support!

New "Fallin" Album

So excited to release the NEW!!!! Album "Fallin"!! During the year 2013, I spent many nights/weekends playing gigs and writing songs in my spare time for you to enjoy:) I hope with the release of this record you guys will love and appreciate the musical and emotional journey that I went through to write these songs! Be looking for the Album's release date some time in Feb! There will be more than one CD release show so if you can't catch it the first time hopefully you will one of the others! Be looking for new updates on when and where!

Song from the New Album is up!!

Hey guys I just decided I would put a new song up from the Brand new album that I will be releasing next year!! Hope you guys enjoy and let me know what you think! CD release show soon to come also!!


It's been a long time coming but I have finally set the dates to record my next album!! September 3-6th is when the magic will begin!! I am so excited and I know that most of you are eagerly awaiting my new album! I will keep all of you updated and probably have some hilarious videos for you during the recording process!! Wish me luck everyone and send your love my way!! Let this be an amazing album!!


Well, I've got some good stuff coming up! All ages venues, so that the whole family can come out and enjoy!! Hope to see everyone out at some of these events!