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So here we are, its already November. Hoping everyone out there made it through the hurricane alright, and that you're fighting the urge to quote Axl Rose lyrics about the cold November rain we've had for the past 4 days (Yeah, I went there).

Some things on the mind right now: 1. How is it already November? I can't believe it. 2. We are closing in on our CD release show, which is in exactly one month from tonight (12/1/2012). We gave Sandy the finger and played through some songs on Tuesday night, polishing off the CD tracks and some new material, that we also may play for that show. It had been a while since we'd played some of the songs from the CD, but they are starting to come back...just like riding a bike. 3. Twitter is my latest addiction. We have a twitter (https://twitter.com/MandtheMetro), but haven't used it a whole lot up to this point. Anyway, we are now, and boy is it fun! (Its still 2010, right?) 4. I just found out beer is good for you. Don't believe me? Check it out: http://www.greatclubs.com/beerofthemonthclub/health-benefits-of-beer.asp. What this will mean to my drinking habits, remains to be seen. 5. I like the number 5, and I didn't want to end this list at 4, so there.

Stay dry, MatM


Just an update...

-Jan 17th @ Brillobox w/Hospitality and Sports Metaphors -Jan 27 @ Howlers -New music soon


Fender Custom Shop Telecaster

Only 4 - 6 months left until it arrives....