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Thought for the Day!

Music is the thread that keeps the fabric of life together! !— The Digital Divide (@vicdemarzo) May 13, 2013

Passing thought!

Father time, Please slow down your hands. May the sands of your hourglass flow slowly. Like a fine wine, let us age gracefully. To be appreciated more as we mature.

Gear lust- Again!

I seem to be in the mood to change things in the project studio. I sold 2 keyboards to get the Kronos. It was hard packing up my Motif XS7 but it's gone. I'm gonna miss that synth. I ordered the Kronos 61 because price was good. Plus the dealer did not have a break on the 73. The 61 gets to my door. Put on my desk and it looked so small. So, I pack up the 61 and ship it back all the way to New York. Fortunately no restock fee. Now I have to wait until they get the 61 return processed before they will ship the 73. The anticipation is killing me! The Kronos does look amazing. I'm sure it will be worth the wait once it finally sits on my recording desk. Oh sweet gear lust, Why must you tempt me :)

Myspace / Other music sites.

Is anybody still using Myspace to promote bands and artists? I set up a page long ago but never finished it. I have a page up on Soundclick, ReverbNation and Broadjam. Like the rest of us, Just looking for more exposure. Dont want to waste my time either. Any recomendations for more sites?

Good times!

I decided to span out to a couple different sites. Too long on 2 sites that are basically social networks only for the users there. Hoping to get heard by a wider audience here on Reverbnation.