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Dear wonderlanders, Welcome to my land of dreams.... After 21 years, I finally have the courage to release this pet project of mine, the long anticipated project that is filled with my work dated as early as 1996. I am so thrilled to introduce to you this album, in hopes that you will have the same joy listening to this album as I have working on this project. The works I have done here reflects on life and love in general. Everyday we pass by or meet someone that will change or has changed our life in to something better. I have. Some become really good friends, some just make short time visits, and some become an inspiration. This project is inspired by things that have happened in my surroundings. Some of them are saddening, some hilarious, some crazy, and some mind-blowing. So, sit back and relax. Embark on this journey with me. Thank you ARIF DHARMA