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cd release weekend 5- 18 and 19-2012

This is what someone else said about our cd release show at el corazon with THE REAL MCKENZIES... "The third band to play was 13 Scars from Tacoma, WA. They are, Shawn Durand – guitar/vocals, Will Marcus – drums, Todd Hewitt – bass, vocals, Brian Fritts – guitar/vocals, and Bradley Petrovich – vocals. This band makes NOFX look pretty, but what they lack in sex appeal, they make up for in pure punk energy. They don’t hold anything back. Singer Bradley Petrovich moves around the stage as if his feet would catch fire if he stood still for more than a couple seconds, though I’m surprised his feet didn’t catch fire from the friction of all his moving about. A circle pit was going for their entire set. 13 Scars have a let’s have fun and forget about the rules attitude and didn’t let the fire extinguish that started with the first band. They are totally non-stop fun." :) The party at HOTEL BAKER was great of course! So far Becka's living room is the only place we've played in Tacoma and its definently the BEST venue in town. Thank you all for a great weekend! Finally the CD is out and after those two shows it feels like we're a fucking better band than ever! :)


SONGS UP SOON. PROMISE. We're almost finished at chris hanszek's with our analogue recording and we'll post them hot off the press... :)