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Metal. Metal? Wait.. which one?

Okay.. our metal song is coming along. Although Its hard to determine if its death metal, thrash metal, heavy metal, or any of the other varieties of metal out there. I think we're going to invent a new one, and call it "Rusty Metal" and see how that goes over? Or perhaps "Plated metal, or just go all the way and call this genre of song "Wrought Iron metal" yeahhhh.. that sounds diirrrttyyy..

What's an album for anyway?

Let's face facts. The music industry is changing. It's been changing for years, and one of the main things to happen is the mp3. And with that, the very idea of albums is becoming passee. I just hate it when I go to itunes and try to grab one of my favorite songs only to find out I can't pick and choose. I have to buy the whole album, or none at all. Grrrrr. MOST artists however release an album and make each track purchasable individually. So what's that? It's basically a collection of singles. In the old days, a physical album was made, a good old fashioned record. yes, albums were important. But I dont know ANYONE that goes to purchase a whole album anymore. Typically now they just go and pick and choose the individual tracks they wanna purchase for .99 cents. If yah like the song, ya buy it, if ya dont, ya dont. Frankly I think it's better that way. Which also leads me to the issue of genre specific music. We've all said it "If you've heard one "band name" song you've heard them all." Granted, if you like that style of music, then more power to you. But if you dont, you're liable to write off the whole band in one shot, and not even listen to their new tracks. Personally I like that we're doing such varied stuff. NO one can say Savage Gypsy is a 'one genre" band. If we put something new out, there's no telling if you'll like it or not. You'll just have to listen for yourself. And if you like it? Well, buy it, and leave the other stuff ya dont like behind. THAT is music to me today. Personal artists, and a love of music that spans any genre at any given time. Besides, I think it makes things more adventurous. I say this on the heels of preparations to put up our first (and possibly only) metal song. Hey, why not.. liked the idea, and thought it was fun. Don't pidgeonhole me by saying pick a genre and stick with it. Most of us have varied tastes anyway. I love talking to metalheads and making some quote from "Weekend in new england", and hearing them pick up and know the rest of the lyrics. "WHOAH Manilow test!" you failed! But dont we all have our personal moments when no one's looking we might listen to something different, yet freely deny it to someone that calls you out. Anyway, I wax on danielson. Albums are a good way to organize your releases by date. But other than that? It's a world of singles in my opinion. I know Emerick, Magil, and I have a wide taste, and plan to keep that up on songs, even if we do tend to lean towards the darker elements at times. Just listen. NO REFUNDS!

Anthony "Mad Scientist" Brownrigg

What a day

Well we finally got "Use You" up, and man it was a marathon to get it finished. Making a song like this winds up with dozens of tracks, which only makes mastering even harder. I cant tell you how valuable some really good flat response monitors are. But em and I are both exhausted from the effort. All in all, I think it's turned out pretty well. Now on to "Sweet Lilith", "Howl", and of course finishing up "Jaxie Jules".

We have a sourdough starter

You know how you make sourdough. You have a starter. The starter never gets made into bread directly. You pull off a piece and chunk it in there. Well.. We have Villain, Yup, one of the very first songs we ever wrote.... It's still not finished. Every time we try to get it right, we discover a beat, rhythm, or phrase that leads us off into a whole new song. Half of our new songs were made this way. STILL Villains completion evades us like a lottery win. Will try again today, maybe we'll get another new song out of it. KEEP up to date this weekend when we announce the Savage Gypsy Challenge .!

Why can't it always be fun?

Emerick and I are separated today as I am off to a photoshoot. Emerick will be alone in the studio and that's dangerous territory. She might just make a smash hit without me to interfere. BUT, the savage gypsy challenge is coming soon! So keep your eyes and ears pealed, and dont forget Jan 22nd is the first album release. Stay tuned for party details. :)

Oh yeah!

Stay tuned. The SAVAGE GYPSY CHALLENGE ALBUM is in the beginning stages.What's that you say? What's the savage gypsy challenge album? No, its not "My Lagoon" our first album, but our second. that's right, already planning, and you can help! More details soon

Jaxie Jules

This is the next song coming out this week from Savage Gypsy. Oh its silly, its nutty, its a bit perverse as well. But definitely fun. :)

The first Album

It's coming soon. We're hot in the studio right now, and have already our twelve songs picked for the first release.. The album will be entitled "The Lagoon".. look for it coming before the end of the year. SG