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2nd STEED album delayed

For several different reasons, the second Steed album's release will be postponed until further notice, much to my regret. This album which will be titled "RAW" will probably be ready for 2014 instead of later this year. I have to face many issues around this project and it will take some more time. My apologies to all of you who sincerely dig my music and are waiting for the follow-up to "Sowing The Steed". Kind regards to all my friends and fans :) Cheers

Fresh news n stuff

Well, my friends, I can't be accused of over-blogging, LOL! It's been more than one whole year now since I wrote my last one... wow. Time is not on my side currently and I must admit I'm very much behind with lots of things. So, I'll try to give you a quick brief of everythin' cookin' ;)

The DIGITAL ALBUM is available on the Steed Store: It has taken me a while to upload it, but here it is now. Go grab it for your Summer holidays!!!

"The Waiting Room" VIDEO CLIP: Holy Sh*t! I haven't even begun... to my great shame. I'm desperately trying to find some time to make the shooting/editing etc... Hopefully for this Summer?

NEW SONGS for the second album: Some songs for the next album are in the recording process. As some of you already know, this album will be rawk-oriented, all guitars out ;) The already recorded songs are still to be finished as vocals and real drums have still to be cut but, up to now, I'm quite pleased with what I hear... more news to come on this topic soon!

last but not least, I am working on my side-project EIGHTH CIRCLE as well. The present songs and layout for the band will be totally changed and updated in the next few months as I'm working on new songs in order to complete a PROGRESSIVE ROCK album. To me, this is obviously a big challenge as much as a great pleasure. More news on this topic to come as well ;)

Thanks a lot for reading my friends and, I wish you all a kick-arse Summer! Talk to you soon :))


News and stuff

It's been a while since I didn't post some news so here we go :))

PERSONAL LIFE As some of you already know, I'm dad of a little boy born 3 months ago and these days my personal life is very time-consuming.

MUSIC The album "SOWING THE STEED" was released on my ReverbNation online store last December and I don't intend to make it available on iTunes and other download platforms for the time being.

Little reminder: you can either buy the whole physical CD or download individual songs on the actual store (also on my MySpace page).

I will be publishing my whole catalogue on iTunes and the likes when my second album "RAW" will be out hopefully at the end of 2010 or beginning of 2011. I am currently working on it... although a bit slowly... ;)

One of the things I'd like to do before releasing "Raw", would be to post a video clip of one of my songs.... slowly working on it as well ;))

OTHER PROJECTS These coming weeks/months before Summer I will be busy recording new songs for my side-project EIGHTH CIRCLE. One of the songs I'm recording is called "Survival Kit" and the other one has the working title of "Virus". Stay tuned for the release of these songs because I can tell you right now that they are 2 in-your-face pieces of music ;)

Also, I recently gave the authorisation to a hip-hop artist to sample one of "Sowing The Steed" songs. I know it will take some time to listen to the result but, I must confess that I'm quite impatient to hear it!


Take care my friends and stay safe. Cheers


NEW ALBUM OUT!!! - "Sowing The Steed" in Reverb Store

Dear friends and fans, as some of you already are aware, Steed's album is available either in physical CD, or mp3 downloads on the ReverbStore on my page.

If you like my music and you want to support independant artists like me, please be so kind as to buy some songs or order a CD. The sales proceeds will enable me to buy some real drummer time and some studio time for the second album due in 2011. The next album will come as a big surprise to most of you ;) ... but shhh!!!! this is a secret ;)

Hopefully in some weeks time, the album will also be available on itunes etc... I'll keep you posted.

Thanks a lot in advance for your contribution to taking my music to the next level and take care.


Steed Feb. 2010

Brand new & definitive album layout

My dear friends and fans, As you all received my email regarding this subject, I reckon you already know that my graphic designer came up with a whole new idea about the album layout and it just flashed me.

So I totally changed my mind about the album's design and you can see the brand new album layout in my photos section. I'm so proud of it: it is vintage like my sound, it is modern like my lyrics, it is catchy and simple as my melodies, and it means a lot for a first album called "Sowing the Steed" as it refers to the roots of my music: the cassettes era.

I will be posting the remaining (inside layout with lyrics) very shortly.

Again, thanks to all of you for your support and stay tuned for the album release soon.

Take care :)


Some more news

Dear friends and fans, As I mentioned in my previous blog, some old and unreleased songs will make it to the album. However, the tapes are not usable as is. Consequently, I'm currently re-recording from scratch the song called "Fragile"and I'm taking the opportunity to make new arrangements for this song. "Fragile" will be only piano/voice (and a few weird sounds around), which is a very unusual musical exercise to me. I sincerly hope you'll like it.

Again, thanks a lot for all the support I get from you all. Have a nice week and take care.


News on the forthcoming album "Sowing The Steed"

Alright my friends :)

Track listing is going well and I've been very busy remixing/mastering all my analogue tapes these days...

Temporary track list is:

Already released songs: A Bubble In The Big Bang (remixed and mastered) Dancing On The Moon (remixed and mastered) A Million Miles (remixed and mastered) Picture On A Bookshelf (currently being remixed) Blue Dolphin (t.b remixed) She's Got A Secret (remixed and mastered) The Waiting Room (remixed and mastered) Through Your Eyes (t.b.r.) Wall Of Silence (t.b.r.) Welcome -Dancefloor Killing Mix- (t.b.r.) (will come as an extra in the album)

and in addition

Some previously unreleased songs: You Are (unreleased) Fragile (unreleased) and maybe 4 more previously unreleased songs depending on capacity and overall balance.

Well, here you are my friends... This is a lot of work because remixing analogue tapes is not easy and it is very time consuming. Some times one or another song needs a re-recording of some parts or some overdubs etc...

But with patience and passion, I hope the album will be ready for the late Summer/beginning of Fall.

Stay tuned and thank you from the deep of my heart for all your support.

Take care :)


Work for the album has begun :)

I have remixed and mastered the song "A Million Miles" that will be part of the album's track-list. I'll be posting an .mp3 (lower quality than cd format) on ReverbNation very soon. Stay tuned!

Have a great start to the weekend, my friends :)


"Virgins" is released

My dear friends,

As you may already know, my song called "Virgins" was released a few days before X-mas. It certainly is my more "prog" song in my catalog and I'm proud of it.

This song represents months of long work and I hope you'll like it as much as I do. So far, the response on www.myspace.com/steedonline has been very encouraging. Some people have heard Bowie, Genesis, Porcupine Tree and so on influences... very clever of them I say ;) hehe

For those of you who want to listen to "Virgins", you'll find that it has been truncated by the site as the max capacity is 8Mb in 128kbps and the songs exceeded by a bit... sorry for that. You can still listen to it non truncated on the myspace player.

Cheers and Happy New Year to all of you :))


work in progress

Steed is currently working on an old/new song called "Virgins". It is a song with a more "progressive" feel than the other songs on the page. I hope you'll like it as much as me, because I really do enjoy this kind of song more than anything else. I hope I'll be able to post it asap.

Thanks to all of you for your support :))