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Real Talk or NO Talk

Mindless conversation is of no interest, and small talk fails to comfort me. Heartless chatter serves me best- at minimum 3 meters from my front door. Superficial commentary makes me nauseous, and as a kid I used to wonder why I didn't have anything to say in little kid conversations. Today I know it was because I didn't have anything to say about nothing. Question: "Why're you so quiet?" Response w/ a question: "Why're you so loud?" What void did you fill with your flapping jaw and polluted spit? Hmm? Did you have somethin' to say that might brighten my day? Did you brighten your own? Did you focus your words on filth, did you dirty someone else's path with criticism or did you try to help them illuminate their way through something. Did you tap into something special or did you add to the dismal? Did you sully someones name? Did it do yours any good? Did you pass on misinformation just to sound like you knew somethin'? Did you just channel emptiness and that's all? Did you waste a warm breath and yet another heartbeat? Well I can't stand for it. Nor will I skip a beat for it. When you hear me speak it'll be ABOUT somethin'. And if I don't have anything meaningful to say, then why would I open my mouth- can you feel this? Why would I brag to you about having things? Other than Love, Flavor, Style, and Happiness? Real Talk will never be the same as talkin' shit and REAL talk is more than talking yourself up. Allow me to talk you out of it all together. Recognize the value that your words hold, and align them with actions of TRUE worth. And if your word is your bond then what are YOU worth? And if what you do doesn't go along, then what do your words serve? More Soul Food For Thought Speak with your heart. If you can't then don't start. ​ Sincerely EL SOUL


Sunday AM, I woke up and shook the Saturday night buzz out my dome, put some music on and started heating some water for my morning MATE. Sunday is a transition for me because you're just about to finish this week, and jump right into next week. This whole last week for me was nothing but challenges, frustration, and in general a test to my patience and tolerance. Not a lot of things you want to drag into Monday morning with you. Allow me to explain- the first cloud looming over my head during the week was the overwhelming flu bug that hit me as soon as I got back from Mexico- crippling my voice, and robbing me of scheduled studio time, as well as small open mic opportunities I had planned to attend in San Antonio as part of my campaign to win the love of the 210 nightlife community. Money... is a good thing, especially when you have it, but when you have not, owe a lot and need more... well that's another cloud for ya. And at the end of the tunnel... not the light, but the urge, and the longing that every recovered/recovering alcoholic/addict must feel to get faded for the holidays... it's pull so strong as one revisits the memory of the first shot of Whiskey going back on a winters eve... ohhhh just to disappear again. Without a doubt the darkest of storm-clouds in my sky- threatening to wash it...all...away. ​ So as I zip up my hoodie, and turn on my iPod, I race out the front door with these demons at my heels, determined to be the one running them down, blow through the rain-clouds and feel the sun's rays on my brow again. Mmmhmm. ​ Around the corner and into the Jefferson bank parking lot, up the winding parking garage and all the way to the top. From here, with the wind whipping at my face, and the sweat burning stinging my eyes, I breathe in the view of the city and as my eyes dance across the city skyline, and my heart pounds like a hammer in my chest I am invigorated... ​ invigorated past participle, past tense of in·vig·or·ate Verb: Give STRENGTH or energy to. (thanks Google) ​ ​THAT's what I'm talking about. One circle around the rooftop, one leap over the whole city, one skip across the top of the world...and we head back down to earth. Grounded and focused I head out toward the street and peer up at the flap of wings. Carrion bird, vulture on the prowl. I know you death, and I've recognized you from the very start, just lurking off scene ready to make your move. Come to think about it I can't remember a season when I didn't feel the brush of a breeze that you swooped in on. I know you would have taken me already- but I'm still not ready to go. I've got a lot of runnin' to do baby. Run it for my family, run it for love, run it for the my friends, run it for truth and run it for good. Run it for my people run it for my block, run it for this SOUL... ​ And this 90 minute run across the North-Side seems to sum up the dramas in my life in a funny way because as I enter the last stretches I'm reminded of what really made me a man, that I stuck to those destinations I had set, and I stepped hard against the opposition and wrestled the madness off my back and through the cold and the hot and through the sweat and the blood I kept runnin' and I kept my head up and I kept my torch lit. ​ Fire for thought on this, the loveliest day I've lived so far... may it ignite your purpose or warm your heart. May you find the strength that you need to reach the top of your world and brandish a fist below the stars. ​ Run it with me & Save your SOUL. ​ Sincerely, ​ ​ EL SOUL

The eyes of the sun... A Soul-Script Excerpt

Look at me once, C the Eyz of the Sunn, chaos come undone with the crimes eye've sung, Minds stays blown from the fires eye've seen, Observe the kinda things, most couldn't even dream of, Watched the titans heave up, battled the arena, Came to realize I was born to be a leader, Cuz aint nobody else trina be his brothers keeper, Blood runs thick, but the love runs deeper, No leisure, The day I half-step 'll be the day I displease ya, Won't tease ya, Give ya what ya need ta, Make you a believer, In bumpin' Soul speakers, Keep the asses shakin' like a low end seizure, Mad braggin' money raps- I can't even heed ya, I pity- so many, Killin' just to get another penny, The hoards scream "gimme thee.. gimme thee...gimme thee" never gonna get what - only love can remedy, Save your soul and stop insanity. ​ ​

Another Soul Script

Flavor... Soul...

Try it on your life today ​ What is flavor? "Sssabor"​ en español. A thing that can't be described with just words. A mixture of sound and movement that come together to cause a feeling. ​ The dictionary would tell you that flavor is the sensory impression of a food or other substance, determined mainly by the chemical senses of taste and smell. But the flavor I'm talking about can be heard as well as it can be smelt. It can be seen as well as felt. It's the snap in my step when the day's goin' right. It's the way your lovers cheek lights up with a compliment. It's a beautiful woman's hair whipping over her shoulders on the dance-floor, and the way your foot starts tapping to a sweet melody before you've stopped to hear the words. Eso es sabor. ​ Have you ever seen anyone dance the twist? Not much to it right? But it was never about the skill, it was about the feeling. It was about release and rebellion against the repetitivity and the soullessness of it all. ESO es sabor. ​ ​ That's what this whole Soul thing is about anyway my friend. A sound created to put the pop in your hustle if only for tonight. A sound dedicated to giving lovers a push toward love-makin'. I mean think about it, the ones shakin' their body or grabbin' their partner on the dance-floor are usually the least likely to harm someone during a song. So body-shakin' actually means less harm (although we know it's far from harmless) and less harm gives way to more peace, and more peace makes more space for love. And love is the answer. And a mighty fine objective to keep in your sights. ​ I'll close this script with the opening lyrics to an upcoming song: ​ Have little Soul... Mmm hmm, ​ Reach reach deep down inside and you can find a little heart, ​ Reach a little deeper down and you can find a little love, ​ Mmm hmmm, Mmm hmmm...baby have a little soul. ​ Sabor & Soul ... tastes good on everything. ​ ​EL SOUL*

Soul Script

Yes I'm just doin' my thang I came to change the game, Turn the radio on you hear a lot of the same, Turn the radio off and let the Soul Sound bang, Fillin' up yer brain with the Soul when I sing, ​ Call me ELSOUL, cuz I'm Spi-ri-tu-ol, Call me HOT, cuz-you-never-step-on-TOP-of-these coals, Get a double dose of my lyrical flows, And if you need to feel me close, just put on your headphones, Titillating tongues in a brand new new tone, Drop from my mouth to the microphone, To ignite your dome & catch a fire-in-your-heart, Yes it's that spark in the dark, it's that midnight sun, Came to bring it in a way that it's never been brung, ​From sun-down to new day come, YOU CAN GIT SOME...


no-sense /music producer/ lyrical songwriter
no-sense /music producer/ lyrical songwriter  (about 5 years ago)

hot,fam.i didnt know you can spit,lol.oooohhhhh smack.we going to do this.lol.real soon,wow.you-nice.one your big bro no-sense.

Somebody's got to...

Somebody's got to say what needs to be said. Here stop's the delegation of responsibilities... so many of us just point the finger while witnessing injustice... the authorities should do something... the gov't is to blame... I'm telling. But nobody wants to take a stand themselves... Just a big circle of people who point the finger at one after another. No Good. Injustice, racism, bullying stops here... how about you? Are you part of the circle or are you part of the cure? Save Your Soul and stop the madness today. EL SOUL www.elsoulmusic.com

My Day

A good day for makin' it happen! Heard that? Get out and make this day yours... Just make sure and get your own because My Day... is mine and I own it. Who else can say that out there? Hmm?


http://snd.sc/pZPHh3 A collab with David Duarte out of Chile... to-be-released in December out of Zurich. Titled "Ample-Fire", this track bumps, wake up to it, work the club to it, El Soul and Duarte are a great match for the hip-hop / techno sound, and are sure to keep 'em comin'. Stay tuned!


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