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Christmas Time In Heaven

Well everyone it is getting that time of year again, Freshly decorated trees, cookies baking, wrapping gifts and of course Christmas Music. So her is my Christmas song.....Christmas Time In Heaven. We have all lost loved ones, Family, Friends, and Pets. You can be sure that at this time of year they are looking down upon us and their tears of joy are the crystal snowflakes that fall. Merry Christmas to each and everyone of you


Playing Guitar Again, Thank God

Well the numbness in the fingers on my left (Fretting) hand is so much better I have been able to start playing again. Baby steps but this is great. Except my finger tips hurt like hell all over again.... LOL

Spinal Injury

Sorry if it takes a while to get back to you all. I have a spinal injury in my neck and I can hardly play my guitar let a lone type. Thank you all so much for you comments, and wishes. You are the greatest. Kit

Veterans Day

I would ask that you all give a prayer for all Veterans, this Veterans Day Sunday. For those that go not pray, try to place them in your heart for One Day. Thank you Former Sgt. Kit R. Mann US Army Military Police

Brand New Song: Southern Fried In Mexico

Just released the new song Southern Fried In Mexico. A song for those who are stressed out, sit back, have a drink give and listen to the song, and let that stress go away. Your Southern Fried In Mexico.

Brand New Song Set Me Free

Just released a new southern rock/blues style song titled Set Me Free. A man in his own hell is asking God to set him free. Free from the chains binding him and Free from him just being him. I hope you enjoy the song. also in the chorus is my first attempt recording a slide guitar. I have been teaching myself and added it to the Chorus on the song. Have fun.

Finishing my new song Set Me Free

Even with drawbacks do to medical issues, we are finishing up on my new song Set Me Free, a souther rock/blues song, She is going to move your speakers when done. Hopefully in the next two weeks. Enjoy the music my friends, hope you find a song you enjoy Kit

Sorry for being late getting back to you all

I am so sorry this took so long to get to. I have had a lot of medical issues. If you read my bio you will understand. I hope you found a song that you really enjoyed. my goal is If I can touch one person with one song my job is done and I'm happy. Thank you Kit Mann

Radio Air Play

Hey Everyone, my song Sister Sadie Blues will be played on the United Kingdom International radio station on Monday night the 25th at 9pm eastern time. The links to the show are on the bottom of the e mail I received today. Hope you get a chance to listen to the show. Thank you Kit

http://soundclick.com/share.cfm?id=11259372 Sister Sadie Blues

Hi Kit, Your song ‘Sister Sadie Blues’ is the 6th track on my Unsigned Show & it will be broadcast on Radio Basingstoke & Radio UK International on Tuesday 26th June at 3am & Thursday 28th June at 6pm, also on Covent Garden Radio on Wednesday 27th June at 11pm & Thursday 28th June at 7pm & repeated on both stations the following week same days & times. All British times. Links to websites below. Please network. Attached is the single & album promotion package which doesn’t mention that it also includes Radio Basingstoke. Should you be interested in the package, then please contact me & I will be able to give you a 15% discount for being on my show.

Try for airplay deanjamesfreshunsigned@hotmail.co.uk www.freshunsigned.webs.com .

Regards, Astrid Haigh-Smith +44(0)07881 708975 Broadcast on www.radioukinternational.com & it's twin www.radiobasingstoke.co.uk also on www.coventgardenradio.com Twitter@ theunsignedshow


I would like everyone on this Memorial Day to remember those currently and before us that have given their lives or have been injured in combat, or training, so we as a nation can continue to grow and be free. We are not perfect, we make mistakes, but that does not stop our Military, a volunteer Military from stepping up to the challenges to protect this wonderful Nation. Former Sgt Kit R.Mann US ARMY MILITARY POLICE.