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The Sweetwater Music Hall

There is simply no way to overstate it... the Sweetwater is an amazing place to play music. The ambiance, the Meyer sound system, the management and staff, and finally the people of Mill Valley who did not leave the dance floor. 3/3/2012 is one for the record books !

Alpine on Bob's Birthday

The Band is so stoked right now, we are looking forward to partying hard that weekend as well as playing the big show on Saturday 3-7 at Alpine Meadows Ski resort. Lot's of Bob songs in the mix and we will be joined by Matt our new keyboard player, it will be rocking good...

Learning to use online Diaries

The desire to record my thoughts in this way arrived late in my life. If it weren't for the relationship between blogs and promoting music. I wouldn't be writing words much. It seems for now, that words are in service of the songs, which may be just how things aught to be. if you are reading this then you should listen to the songs.