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My Jazz

I know that my music is not for everyone but it satisfies me and that is the real point. If you like it listen and enjoy and if you don't seek what you like. I am old enough to remember past greats and try to emulate them. Comment and tell me.

Album in the works

Jazz at Sugar's is in the works. sugar's is a place in my mind where people come to hear good jazz. Latest song is from the album which will be released soon.


I really appreciate all the support of old and new fans to my music. I have recently been raised to the top ten list in my area and will continue to try to provide good music. Thank you for all your support.


I appreciate all the folks who have become fans. I think that when someone fans you it is only good manners to fan them back. Unless of course you believe them to be a rival and are wary of giving. I am no rival. Just a geezer who loves music.


Working on a Jazz album: Jazz at Sugar's. THis is an imaginary club where my jazz band performs and all the songs are originals and have meaning at the club. The finished product wil be for sale soon.

Big Move

I have made the move to Electronica. I hve more freedom to present different kinds of music. I resent the folks who just blast metal electronicly and make no atempt to create good music. Their followers have put them ahead of real electronic musicians. Not fair.

Song Titles

Being mostly blind I sometimes don't check the titles of the songs I put up. I ask you to listen anyway and try to appreciate the song and not my typing.

New Gear and new sound

I now have a magic keyboard and can play the kind of music I like. I hope others will like it too but it is more important that I like it. I you like it give me a Facebook like.

No Texas

We are not going to Texas. So here I stay and I have moved into Electronica which gives me more freedom to play whatever music I want to and be experimental. I hope you will "LIKE" me on facebook.

Hip Hop & Rap

What is it about my kind of music that attracts so many hip hop and rap artists? I am getting an education in the genre. Just curious as to why I seem so popular with you folks.