Take a moment out of time...release your fears release your mind...release them shackles now behind and welcome to a bigger EYE...welcome to a brighter day...over moons and miles away over hate filled violent days, welcome sunset ocean rays...sticky bushes eyes are glazed...rollin with my island babe...always in a better place the sky and me see face to face...clouds and me stay cuddly they my best buddy keep me from discovering all the hatred wondering...round my heart..round my mind..every choice...every life...in between all the time...comprehending out your mind...someones shoes...someones life..innocent committing crime each and each and every time...the eye you turn, you turn is blind...HOPE and STRIVE...DREAM and GRIND...LUV and LEARN..LIVE YOUR LIFE... DO YOU like no one can do...I'm spittin wishin I could too...sitten wishen I was you...wishin you were spitten truth...here I am up in the booth...doing what we were born to do!!

Stay timeless in these crazy times suspended in your heart n mind dimension soul what you'll find EYEARTHY DIRTY- BIGGER EYE!! Everything you know-it's gone... the movement shifting getting strong... changing right, from all the wrong... kick and push and move along. Bright sunrise brand new day image rests upon my face even on a cloudy day EYE got sunshine won't go away. Brand new way brand new life don't buy in don't think twice be confused ya it's alright just watch your step don't cross the line. Burning bridges all around couple TWINS came falling down FREE FALL SPEED how that sound ONE MORE BUILDING (7) JOINED THE CROWD! Didn't know? Now you do free fall speed 2+2 add it up thought you knew? these governments withhold the truth. So stop and take a MOMENT now history books written down everything we learned about we really have to question now...SO TAKE A MOMENT OUT OF TIME RELEASE YOUR FEARS RELEASE YOUR MIND RELEASE THEM SHACKLES NOW BEHIND AND WELCOME TO A BIGGER EYE!!+WONLUV+


"Wisdom is knowing I am nothing. Love is knowing I am everything. In between the two... my life moves."

October 5 is 3 Caban.

Another challenging Caban day, made all the more so by the energy of Ox (3), which represents risk, uncertainty, doubt and obstruction. Steer clear of trying to complete personal projects, making plans or starting anything new, whether a relationship, buying a house, or planning social engagements. The best use of today may be to flex your mental muscle and practice letting go of negative thinking and negative thoughts—let them come, recognize them, but deny them power. And then let them go.