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Last minute preparations.

We're nailing down the last remaining details before our big show this Saturday. We've got to make sure that we deliver our best on that night, because Morgan McPherson isn't coming all the way down from Greensboro, North Carolina to deliver anything but her best. If we don't execute to the best of our ability, she's going to totally embarrass us. Morgan is a formidable and driven musician, and she's going to show this town why she isn't afraid to take the stage let it be known. I can promise more good music, and a more entertaining experience at the GA Bar than any other bar in town on Saturday. Oh, yeah. One more thing. We're playing a "secret warm-up show" out in front of DAWG GONE BBQ on W. Hancock, on Friday March 21st at Midnight. What better way to find out if the show is gonna suck than bringing it out to a street corner and forcing the general public to walk past it? Let's see how it goes..... Hope to see you there.

What a fucking birthday!!!!

Had a good time. Hit the streets in Athens, but apparently, I'm the only person in America who bought a copy of GTA V that didn't work. 4, 35 minute attempts to load and no gameplay. ON MY BIRTHDAY, GODDAMMIT!!!!! I hate EVERYTHING!!!!!

What a year!!!

It has been one hell of a year! We finally decided to step out into the deep water and put our music out into the market to fend for itself! We joined REVERBNATION, met some really cool people (Gwamba, Collie Collins, Jocques Coley, Well Trained Monkey, the list goes on and on). Found out about some really awesome bands (Devil's Waiting Room, GWAMBA, The Altruistic Messiah, The Razorblade Dolls, Indestructible Noise Command, Tha Funkaholx, everybody in Perth, Austraila, the list goes on and on...) We went from no existence in Athens, to 3rd most popular Metal band here. Things are going great!!! I really think that this year is just a warm-up for 2012. We're going BIG for that!!! I just want to thank everybody that has shown us love, and reciprocate by saying that the feeling is mutual. Best of luck to all our new friends and fans, and let's all show the world what we are capable of in the quickly approaching new year. Much love to all we've met and to all those whose paths we will cross in the future. Happy Holidays, jefffff and Ray (Steve too!!!)

10 fingers strong
10 fingers strong  (about 5 years ago)

So do you guys play shows or just record music?