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Then There Were Three

I think that's someone's album title - but from a folkTrain perspective it means Matt has left the band, as has drummer David and his replacement on drums, Brett. The line up is now Chris, Sas and Rudy, and our folkier sound is leading us to concentrate our efforts on playing folk festivals and folk clubs.

The folkTrain Band

The original folkTrain duo, Matt and Chris, have been busy recruiting more members for The folkTrain Band. Saskia (fiddle, guitar, keyboard), Rudy (fiddle, mandolin, accordion, harmonica) and David (drums) are now folkTrainers, and will provide a bigger sound for those occasions that need it. Matt and Chris will still perform as folkTrain, either as a duo, or as a trio with Rudy or Saskia - but now venues have the choice of the acoustic duo/trio, or the more energetic five piece.