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So, here you are reading some random band blog. The question is more, why has this been written? Am I trying to plug something that I have my heart and soul invested in? Once it was so, the band that this blog represents used to be everything to me. My life, my blood, my food and my air. Fifty Views used to be something I believed would give me the opportunity to actually get paid to do what I love... and that is play bass guitar.

I had no illusions about how good a player I was, I could keep time with the big Monkey (Chris) and could hit notes that didn't make people want to pull their own teeth out. But that was it, I was an average, but solid bass player.

So... years after the band has broken up, and years after I left my last practice with them (the worst break-up of my life) I have kept in touch with them all and I saw reverbnation and decided there was nothing to lose. A band that was popular, but never got the "break" is now in cyberspace, and not just on my iPod playing probably more than it should.

My point? Well, I always felt there was something more to the music we wrote, I was the biggest fan of our music. And I would love to see it doing well... just so I can look back and say... actually, I was right... we did have potential...

Yes, this is an exercise in personal nostalgia, and I am going to indulge it to the fullest.