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The Slave

All living things depend on the perfect harmony of the processes of reality, All living things are slaves to the Groove. As slaves to the Groove it is our best interest to protect and maintain the equilibrium sustaining life. It is our best interest to protect the environment, To protect fellow slaves and to constantly improve our abilities towards this cause. As slaves to the Groove it is in our best interest to unlock our full potential and encourage others to do the same, Not just for the sake of the earth but to fulfill ourselves as human beings. . . . This earth and all with it is common ground for humanity and as such it is common sense to improve and protect it. And as we improve this common ground so must each individual improve. Humanity only evolves as quickly as each individual does. It is the mind, body and spirit of the individual that is the truth, strength and purpose of humanity, To serve the Groove that is beyond us, around us and within us. . As with the Groove so shall we be. Constantly since our creation. We are as we were as we will be. As in birth shall we be in death.

Becoming a Slave to the Groove

Everything within this reality including the universe undergoes change. The only constant in the universe is change. The process of any change can be described by its rate, or if consistent its rhythm. Everything in the universe undergoes the processes of reality to a certain rate or rhythm. . Examples of this process being the expansion and contraction of the universe and the aging of a Star and the path of a comet and each planets orbit around the sun and the moons orbit around earth and earth’s rotation upon its axis and the growth and decay of a tree and the moving of mountains and the waves of a sea and the dunes of a dessert and rainfall in a storm and the vibrations of atoms in all matter and as with all life on earth. . All these processes together in perfect balance and equilibrium allow life to exist on earth. The harmony of all these different rhythms is referred to as the Groove. The Groove is realities only constant. As in the beginning shall it be in the end. All that is, was and will be is the Groove.