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Movie Review.

Just got done watching the "Hunger games:catching fire". Don't know y I hadn't thought to go see it earlier, definitely a must see if you haven't. A lot more emotionally stimulating than the first. Really good acting and visuals. 2 thumbs up looking forward to viewing the next installment from the franchise. #Regal #cinema

Feeling Blessed

Everything confirmed,will be shooting on location at pink rhino this sunday november 24th. From hip hop to scoring and now acting I pray this marks the beginning of what could be my journey to a long and durable career in show biz! As always it wouldn't have been possible without you all out there supporting me from day 1 so thank you! #SAGbaby

Great Fans!!!

After performing at the "Tremont Music Hall" in charlotte north carolina last saturday i realized one major thing i won't be doin what i do if it wasn't for the fans and music lovers who actually come to this local shows without even knowing who's performing to be the only hip hop act between rock/metal bands and still receive all that love from a non-hip hop crowd,priceless!!!