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New Recordings

The Satellites will be recording in June, in Austin,TX. We will have higher quality Audio as well as some new songs. Stay Tuned G!

New Member

The Satellites Jupiter finally has a drummer! We are really excited to add Héctor Larios and his incredible skills to the mix! More to come in the near future, and as always thanks so much for your support.

In the Studio

hey there The Satellites Jupiter fans. We have took off all of our songs of the page. The band will be in the studio this Thursday cutting and pasting, as well as coming up with new material. We hope to have new and better recordings soon. Thanks for listening and don't hesitate to say hi

Access Art Show

Thanks for all of you who showed up for the show on saturday, it was alot of Fun! we hope to record some new versions of our songs, as well as write some new material very soon. Stay in tuned for more material lol. Thanks for your support to our fans, tell your friends about us. Remember you guys make us who we are