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Working Time released to YouTube

My new song working Time has been released to YouTube. here is the link: http://youtu.be/DmK-8Eee-SQ enjoy!

More Kevin Patt Music

I just finished recording two songs at Quad with Doc Holiday producing and the A-Team musicians. these 2 songs are fun. Working Time is about too much working and not enough party time. Way To Busy is about a guy being way to busy throwing out memories of his Ex to think about her. it is both sad and humorous. These songs will be available by the end of May. Hope you all will enjoy listening to them.

Kevin Patt songs released World Wide

I recently Recorded "Drunk and Lonesome" and "Sending you Kisses" with Doc Holiday and his legendary A Team at Quad studios in Nashville. they have just been released and are on all digital media services world wide for purchase by download.. Radio stations will be playing them soon as well. Kevin Thanks every one for your support.