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The Naked Tree set to melt genre's with October release!

The Naked Tree will release their first full length album October 2011.

It's been years of contemplation, trial and error, but the drive and ambition finally came in December of 2010 and The Naked Tree project commenced. The road to making a full length album seemed daunting, knowing how particular I can be in the studio. Each sound has to fit like it was supposed to all along and the late night work ethic didn't help my already vampiresque sleep schedule, but alas it started. Sometimes the hardest part of anything is to just begin.

Not knowing what would come out, not trying to create specific music, but rather letting the sounds create the music itself. This was my attitude when starting the project and it lead me into waters I've never explored. That's the great thing about music, it's really just tones, vibrations, moods and magic that come from a place unknown. In an almost seance' like fashion candles were lit, lights were turned off and a meditation with the music begun. A year later and I finally have to say, it's what it was supposed to be and the best I could do for now.

At the start of all this, my life was in such a transition that I felt like crying and laughing all at the same time and that makes for a great stage to fuel the fire. The concept was from experiences I've had for years, but a specific night I'll never forget and a love that I thought would never come. If we slow down and let the static of life not get the best of us, there is a world and beyond we can all tap into.

Invocation of the universe, letting the light shine in and bleeding the darkness into tranquility. That's the goal anyway, we'll see what happens.