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Keepin the Faith.

It was almost a year ago now that I came home from California, feeling as if my dreams of becoming a respected hip hop artist were crushed and there was no hope of ever becoming anything more than an average joe factory worker. Only about four months ago my luck began to change. I met some other artists back here in the midwest that actually had talent. I hooked up with the homie, Ky The Midwest Marvel at a show in Kansas City that he had hooked me up with. After that, we started talking about collaborating on some songs and he introduced me to his friends in Springfield, MO. After hearing the quality of the music they were producing and seeing the legitness of Inner State Productions studio, I knew I was where I needed to be. I am now in full pursuit of making my dream come true again. I have two new songs that I just finished that I am proud of, and am number 3 on the charts locally. I am far from being famous yet, but things are looking up, All I had to do is Keep The Faith!!