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New Single. Bring Me Down Dixie is out!

Finally starting to release some new music. so proud and grateful to my many supportive fans for helping spread the word. Check it out on iTunes if you haven't yet. https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/bring-me-down-dixie-single/id1070045789 Cheers! Kate

Maui Sugar Mill - July 22nd

It's a funky lill' country bar and we love playing here. We open the show from about 8:45-9:45pm then our hicktastic friends of the Just Dave Band take the stage and host the best country jam you ever saw. Some great (and sometimes famous) players turn up, so why not make it a good time night and come on out! OH.... Tony Sancho will be out of town for this one, boo, but Michael is gonna keep the beat on that beautiful upright bass...

Getting out there!

So, just putting it out there... The Kate Brown Band's goal for this year is to play more shows than ever in the So Cal area... so, friends, fans, fellow music makers, tell me, where should we play? what's your favorite place to see local live music?

Long Beach, CA

So, I am looking to bring the KB tunes to our wonderful neighbors in Long Beach, CA... I just think I should put it out there into the universe. If you're a band who plays shows in the LB area and you want a fun opening act, hit me up. If you are a music fan living in the LB area and know of the perfect little place we should try out, hit me up. Tony and I are just gonna keep spreading out one town at a time. Cheers!

Three Months Old

I can NOT believe that at this time 3 months ago I was just about to have our sweet little baby Mabon. Having a new baby is amazing and wonderful and messy and beautiful and emotional. Having a new baby is an even bigger change and challenge and joy when you have a toddler who is sharing the momentous event with you! Let me tell ya,nothin' makes you feel like a rock star like two kids under two. But don't worry, I'm still gonna lay it down for you. I'm still creating and writing and thinking big...it's all just coming a bit slower now. Here's to your forward motion...whatever the pace. KB


My EP 'New Skin' was accepted to Pandora online radio. So cool not only because now my wonderful fans can listen and support while discovering other similar artists they may just fall in love with, but also because now random music lovers could stumble on yours truly accidental like and (hopefully) get hooked on my music as well. Fab eh? www.pandora.com


I can't believe it! I have dropped from NUMBER 1 in the reverbnation ranks (for Eugene, OR) to NUMBER 6?!? This just won't do;) I didn't even know I cared so much... but I guess that sort of internet validation is important to me, so I'll post some new content today and you all spread it around for me and get people to visit me here on the good 'ol internets and maybe all will be right with the indie-folk world again - ha!

Lalalala trip!

Had such a BLAST playing the shows in LA this weekend! Thanks to all of you who showed up to support, it means the world to me to have such an incredible group of friends and fans... I feel so lucky... Special thanks to Room 5, The Silverlake Lounge and all the little kiddos out in Pasadena for jammin' out with us... Thanks to Christina and Ian for recording the shows (maybe a bootleg cd will come out of it, eh?) and for the drinks! Biggest thanks of all to Tony Sancho and Liz Scully for being so wonderful to play with and for being the baddest of all Bad Wagon! -Cheers KB

Bend!! Coco..and the Man!

So... Coco is my Friend JulieAnn's sweet pup who loves everyone... Except it seems the drunk loud man at my show. Now I often play bars where the drinks are a flowin' and I'm usually down to fend off a few annoying and harmless dudes (mostly) who've had a few too many and need to show off by giving someone on a stage (me) a hard time. But this guy gave off a different vibe... yes he was loud and drunk and rude... but he was also strange in a way that made me sad very sad and a angry in a little kid way. After the show he kept touching me and telling me I "crushed" him "destroyed" him and that I "didn't even know how deep it was" .... Creepy right and as you can imagine... I didn't know what to do... At about this point. Coco the wonder pup did what needed to be done... he barked and went after him. Yea Coco! He did exactly what I wanted to do all evening... he gave that creeper the what for and let him know it wasn't okay to take up so much space and be so aggressive with me, just because I happened to be up there playing doesn't give you any more ownership over my time or space... I guess my points if I have any are these... 1) Coco is smarter that me, I wish I could be just like him. 2) If you're drunk at a bar don't hassle the entertainment... it hard to be up there alone, and remind yourself I am up there trying to make people feel good... what are you doing? 3) next time someone gives me the creeps, I'm gonna bark a 'um!! Ah...Life Lessons... Thanks to all you amazing folks who came out and made the show so much fun! I can't wait to come back! -Cheers

Festival Submissions

"...If Ani Difranco and Bonnie Raitt found themselves trapped at the Iowa state fair you might get a little Kate Brown... What I'm saying is...Deep fried twinkie - Cheers..." Yep. That's my festival submission blurb about myself!