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project introduction - From The Roots in The Right Direction - Tour '17 Canada

follow the tour on www.antoniopirettitoz.com (daily updated)

Canada 2017 - in the year of Canada's 150 anniversary

a music bike tour 6600 km from Vancouver BC to Halifax NS - 120 km each day from mid April to mid July 2017 along the tour I will host acoustic concerts in the main Canadian cities and I will support "Art Takes Action For Charity"

from the roots, combining the naturalness and the purity of biking with the most natural way of singing, voice and guitar, bringing music among people

project's description and opportunities to get involved: "From The Roots In The Right Direction" follow the link for the details (pdf file): http://www.enjoytoz.it/Public/Enjoytoz/Editor/Doc/InTheRightDirection.pdf

any support and feedback is welcome

we all are one as roommates of the same planet

Antonio Piretti TOZ

my own favorite Spotify playlist

play it and let the mood flow.. . https://open.spotify.com/user/tozdj/playlist/0NkwU2IA7erDt2rTpytjRs

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One Music Sheet - link to the pdf file

..songs are messages to communicate real experiences and beliefs..

link to my onesheet: http://www.enjoytoz.it/Public/Enjoytoz/Editor/Doc/ANTONIO_PIRETTI_TOZ_one_sheet.pdf

..if you'll be able to see everything when there is nothing yet.. then.. we'll be in tune..

Toz – Antonio Piretti