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MC or Rapper? It's in the MESSAGE

There's always been a great debate on this "fluid" subject. A lot of rappers claim to be MC's yet really don't know the meaning of being a TRUE MC. The great teacher KRS-1 said in his song "Robot", "Rappers spit rhymes that are mostly ILLEGAL, MCs spit rhymes to UPLIFT they PEOPLE!" Very well put sir. In my opinion, rappers put words together to rhyme, MCs put words together to rhyme and TELL you something. Big difference. The status of a true MC is like a label that might as well be tatted on his/her forehead. From the kind of music they have put out to the world establishes how they're difference. You wouldn't compare Common to Waka Flocka would you? HELL NAH! And you know why? Cuz the QUALITY of the MESSAGE in both are COMPLETELY DIFFERENT! Com speaks on and tells stories on uplifting and learning about yourself and your environment. Waka talks about........POW POW POW!! But its interesting to see how that your message in songs can relate to your LONGEVITY in hip hop. Think about all the Wakas, Soulja Boys and Gucci Manes careers. They'll be hot for 3-5 years maybe and you don't hear from them again. Hmmm. Yet Common, Nas, Mos Def have been around for 20+ years and are STILL relevant! It's in the MESSAGE! Believe me now?