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Blue Summerstar performs LIVE with ePuppets.com on KIXE-TV (Channel 9) 2016 Holiday Auction Friday November 4, 8pm - 9pm Pacific Time CHANNEL 9

We, Blue Summerstar, are excited to be performing our music along with the hilarious ePuppets team as a part of the 2016 Holiday Auction on KIXE-TV Channel 9, the North California PBS station that reaches over half million people. KIXE-TV will be auctioning over $100,000 in donated merchandise and services as fundraising for their non-commercial member supported television station. It is so important at this time to support public television that services community through a variety of educational and entertaining programs.

On November 4, 2016 on Channel 9 we will be performing some time between 8 - 9pm depending on the auction breaks. Watch one of our videos after our audition at PBS, CLICK HERE

www.KIXE.org for more info on this event. www.ePuppets.com

A True Magical Christmas Story about this Event « Un comte de Noel » by Ocean

Luma and I had just arrived in Mount Shasta and noticed there were a lot of stores closed and felt a different feeling about the town from previous visits during our tours here. One afternoon I saw a new store called ePuppets so I decided to enter and look at this magical place full of toys, music instruments and a lot of colorful puppets. So after wandering around playing with a lot of new fairy and furry “friends” I naturally talked to the owner, Daniel, and I could see a bit of sadness in his eyes. He gently started sharing his story that many stores were closing around his store and he felt he could be next on the list if a miracle didn’t happen soon. As I do Harmonic Resonance (a new form of Feng Shui), I felt I could maybe bring a little bit of joy and uplifting energy to his store. I called Luma and said, “Hey are you around? Bring your banjo.” Beautiful Luma arrived with her banjo. We were not really dressed up but just showed up in t-shirts and scruffy hair. I shared to Daniel that we had a new song we just wrote while in Asheville, North Carolina and felt it could bring him a sense of hope, “It’s called When You Love What You Do The Whole World Will Come To You.” He smiled, “Sure”.

I propped up my iPhone on his counter and said to him, “Come get in this video with your puppets as we perform this song for you.” A total impromptu performance magically unfolded between all of us as Luma played the banjo and we sang this uplifting positive song while the puppets danced all around. One video take, one moment and the miracle happened. Immediately afterwards we excitedly watched this video on our iPhone and I could see Daniel smiling like he’d received a massive dose of Vitamin C. The sadness was gone, maybe for just a little moment but it was so beautiful to see joy in a man that had put all his faith, money and time in his store to serve the community of Mount Shasta. Our band had administered a happy “band-aid”!

Later we sent him a copy of this impromptu video we did in his ePuppets store and he posted it on his website, Youtube and Facebook and more. In less than a week over a thousand people viewed it and today it’s over 6,000 views. Not long afterwards Daniel called us saying, “You guys want to come do an audition for PBS? I’m delivering some puppets for their Holiday Auction and I think they would LOVE to have you perform on their Telethon! I would love to promote you and your music. Maybe they can find a place on their show, but you have to come tomorrow as that’s the last day for show decisions.” We said, “Yes!” as we live in the moment. The next day, we all drove to Redding, California to KIXE-TV PBS and experienced a second miracle. Again, we saw again Daniel, a store owner in Mount Shasta, sharing his dedication for the town by bringing many puppets to donate for the fundraising for PBS. Seeing this man and his kindness was really touching as from our point of view he should be the one receiving but was still giving to a cause l


This is really nice that you guys and fans are buying our music. We really appreciated.Blue Summerstar. And for the record( pun intended.., ) we give a lot of these money back to musicians on the street and homeless in every city we tour..