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Another excellent track from Maloa Warriors ...featuring my vocals & words . Just walking across the secret fields... Derek Damico & all his great musicians. // Excitante año y medio de colaboración con Maloa Warriors con 5 temas: 1) "A Moment"; 2) "Horton & Louise Uptown Selector"; 3) "Plegaria 709"; 4) "Sienta Bien"; y ahora 5) "A SECRET FIELDS". Brutal. Todos estos tipos trabajando en USA y otro lugares del mundo son fantásticos músicos y personas. And Derek Derinho playing that bad ass organ and more...

Bed of rains (c) JMOYA / lyrics& voice: F Garcin

NEW: Un tema del gran JMOYA con la colaboración de Monty Johnson (guitarra) Fernando Garcin (voz y letra). Check out this great new song by JMOYA!


MAÑANA TU NO ESTABAS (You were not there tomorrow)

The wind comes from the north / Fallen leaves at your feet / You have forgotten my charms / and they are the same as yesterday / The water scalds or runs cold / I make time or I make coffee / You were not there tomorrow / I light matches for pleasure //// The moon shines white / I don’t think she does it for me / A dream is a crazy thing / or a tale for sleeping / I take a strange girl on my bike / Two black eyes of Nazareth / You were not there tomorrow / I’m going to get you lost //// I went for drinks with Nick O’Teen / as a lollipops cure / The world goes belly up / Noah sings from his bluesy Ark / A window doesn’t make a house / Tenderness takes the last train / You were not there tomorrow / I’m catching bouquet /// All the bottles in the basket / The drunkenness slipped away / When you go who knows where / you keep going with worthiness / If you run out of luck / you keep going, you’re right enough / You were not there tomorrow / Until the wind has passed today /// ---------- (c) Fernando Garcin (CD Tiempo y Detalles, Comboi Records)

Mia Lotus
Mia Lotus  (over 3 years ago)

I really like your poetry!

Erase una Vez (Woodstock 2009) - Russell Richardson

Fernando Garcin and Carles Carrasco visit Woodstock, spring 2009. Rehearsal, poetry reading, recital and walk in the woods.


Erase Una Vez... from russell craig richardson on Vimeo.

on Robin Richardson videos


Entrevista en Musica Emergente / Interview


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