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Arrangements. Composing. Production. Dancing. Singing. Photography. Videography. All Around Writing!!! ... Entertainment Artist for hire or internship. Link me: http://www.Youtube.com/TrunkReadyRecords

"Straight Mixing 2"

. . .Performing @SoundWavesStudios on January 26th 2013 !"! Oakland CA. #Support #Thanks :-)

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Look at http://www.YouTube.com/TeeAliasParks . PLEASE!!!!!! With PRETTY ON TOP!!!!! ;-o


Get what you give. That's in hate and love. ;-o

Found Spirit

The joy in making music...can only be described in a song. The beat & blend of instruments. Grabs you fast! The lyrics in the song is what keeps ya azz!!! ;-o

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Have u tuned in yet? Or are u still letting it pass u by? Do u still long to be that person u are? Did u like so many other's, let ur dream die? Mental. Verbal. Act! Where do u fit urself in? Or do u just lack where to fit in?

Mind Pushing

Ever had the ability to move thoughts? Not manipulate. But really make a difference? Ponder????????????? (;-o