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Rock is Dead

Yeap. I agree with Gene Simmons. Rock has been supplanted as the most popular genre of music. The record companies have all been relegated to management agencies. Recording, distribution, and marketing are all being handled by the artists themselves. And the days of huge signing bonuses and multi-million dollar contracts for rock stars are over. They have been replaced by YouTube stars. "Authentic" young individuals who sing ballads into the camera in their bedrooms and become sensations overnight. So what does this mean? Salvation. Rock stars can be rock stars without the watered down bullshit that comes with corporate marketing. It means authenticity. Energy. And the ability to play in venues that allow us to speak directly to the people who are there to see us. The emotion and passion that come through with a truly unique and powerful rock show. The future is bright, and everyone wins!

May Day Riots

We are May Day Riots! Get ready for a whole new genre!

77 Bar & Grill

We can't wait to rock the stage with the Gunt Punchers this Saturday, Nov 9th at 77 Bar & Grill in Dover! They are shooting it live for a new video and it's going to be epic!

Old Haunts

Wow. Who knew this place would be so cool? Or filled with such rabid fans of The Young Republicans? It was such a great night - our best show to date! Thank you SAM for booking us, and thank you Old Haunts for hosting us! It was so much fun!

Old Haunts

Oh my god, what can I say. Tonight, we unveiled a completely new approach to The Young Republicans. We have created, and for the first time, performed a Punk Opera. We're calling it "Don't Tread On Me: The Story of the Young Republicans" and holy crap - guys it was amazing! Yoou're going to want to get out to one of our upcoming gigs! Because this is about to go GLOBAL.......

Checkers n Trophies

What can I say! What a complete surprise! Checkers n Trophies was off the chain! We had a blast, had a great crowd, sold some CD's, made a bunch of new friends! What a GREAT time!

Music Charts

Holy crap. First we dominated the Akron Punk charts, skyrocketing to #1 in a matter of days. Then took over the Cleveland Punk charts by entering in at #4, then realizing we were setting our sights too low, pushed into the Cleveland Rock charts - deputing at #18 and today we are #7! Let's keep the momentum going! We want to be the #1 band in Cleveland! Help us get there! Cuz you guys rock!

Spitfire - Cleveland

Wow - what an AWESOME show at the Spitfire! We got to see the new acoustic version of CJ Gunn, very cool! And our first exposure to The Misunderstood - awesome punk band! If you want to see the show, here is a link to the video! http://www.ustream.tv/recorded/35415167

Stone Tavern

Wow, what an amazing show at Stone Tavern! We really kicked ass! We made some new friends and felt like we really connected with the audience. We love the Stone Tavern! The other bands were really good! We had a blast! This was a great second show and we are really looking forward to playing at Yorktown this Saturday!

Chuck's Steakhouse - The Debut!

Our first ever show as "The Young Republicans" was perfect. Chuck's Steakhouse hosted the shenanigans and Balloon Knot and Spiderwood were excellent musical partners to help showcase our first ever gig. Things couldn't have gone better! Steve knocked over his mic stand in the first 10 seconds, we fell apart a couple of times because we couldn't hear eachother, there were strange overtones and squals onstage that drowned out even our loudest playing, and by the time it was all over, I had lost my voice. We capped it off by watching the sound guy do a serious drunken faceplant on stage. Priceless! Overall we had an absolute BLAST and are looking forward to playing Chuck's again! Friggin awesome experience!