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A birthday song for everyone

Last year on my birthday, I wrote the lyrics to a new birthday song. Then this year, I finished the tune and made a video to capture the birthday essence I was feeling. Check out the video! http://youtu.be/aiQfmthKC1w

First love song!

First love song! I've been performing a new original around town, and here's a new self-recorded video of it. http://tinyurl.com/kyh2j6v

New song!

Chris Pierro and I have just finished recording another song, "I Kinda Liked You." Definitely part of the Collective Catharsis Through Sound, the song is about how similar we humans really are. We just get hung up on the little differences that seem to propel us into feeling so much ugliness and animosity all the time. It's about how easy it is to like each other when we stop judging.

I usually introduce the song as "an ode to ambivalence... I mean everybody's always writing love songs, but I thought I'd write one about how I *kinda* liked you."

The song is also extremely high-energy - something you can take running with you or dance around to while cleaning the house. I'm very excited to bring it to you. As I've recently announced, my songs are always free. I hope you'll download it today and play it for your friends.

I want to thank Chris Pierro for having a great vision of the song's sound and carrying it to fruition. The song definitely rawks!

Climbing the indie charts

Wow, apparently I am No. 4 on the Reverb Nation Los Angeles indie charts, climbing from No. 6 last week and No. 5 yesterday. Could this be a trend?

House of Blues

The best show yet! My practice paid off. I played my original blues tune at the Crossroads, wowed some people, drank from the waters at the Voodoo Lounge, and met up with an old friend from grade school who just moved to the area and recognized my name online, bought a ticket and came to the show! Check out the videos on my Facebook page.

Album released!

Wow! My album Slim Volume has been accepted on Spotify, iTunes, Amazon and dozens of other places! Thanks to producer Chris Pierro, trumpet player Sebastian Leger, and all who made it possible through inspiration and moral support. Get your copy today. http://tinyurl.com/cxmycby

New song

I just wrote a new song, "Bright is a Sound." It's a genuine feel-good soul song, a love song. Looking forward to performing and recording it.

A pleasant foggy Sunday

What a pleasant surprise at my Sunday show at TRiP Feb 17. I did not realize that I was apparently the main event, going on last after a line of excellent acts. Some of my friends came through, plus there was a really nice gathering of attentive strangers. And they stayed attentive. This time I mixed up the set list, starting off with a finger warmer-upper (The Bad Guy), then going to my most challenging song to play (Wiser Woman Blues), and then my second most challenging song (She Can't Say No). The crowd loved it. Excellent mojo at TRiP last night. After the show, I had to meet the guy who asked for an encore. I went and shook his hand. Jesse, was his name. He really liked the song writing. "What is your background?" he asked. "You mean ethnically?" I asked. It's not in left field; most people say I have an accent and want to know if I'm Slavic. "No... Musically. Like, who ARE you?"

Viper Room

My Viper Room debut was like the Wild West. A small room on the ground floor, the acoustic lounge is intimate, dark and raw. I decided against playing some of my newer songs, knowing that playing in such a dark room and such an unfamiliar den of vipers might be fraught with error. Catch the two videos I managed to get. Here's to more gigs in Hollywood! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mhrnMiUu4fo&feature=share&list=UU5zAgORGWRAybmeeo42ICtg

Third single on iTunes!

My third single, "Follow You No More," is now available for purchase on iTunes, amazon.com and emusic! It features Sebastian Leger on trumpet. Engineered and recorded by Chris Pierro.

GMCCCKW  (almost 5 years ago)

Hello Tatiana !
Such a great tune ~ Beautiful..!
(Just a small contribution to your funds ..worth every cent ! :D )
All the best


Tatiana Prophet
Tatiana Prophet  (almost 5 years ago)

Thank you, John! It means so much!