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New Music

Hey All, Well it's been a long winter, but it's been a great opportunity to do some writing and planning for 2014! I released "Not A Game" and it's music video in January, and I'm really excited to be working with Tom and Lynda McKillip to get some new songs ready to go! I can't wait to share them with everybody, and will have a "sneak peek" short clip up on Reverb as soon as I can! Happy spring everybody!

What a Summer!

Hey all,

Couldn't have asked for a better summer this year! In August we hit the road for a radio tour and made it out to BC and met some amazing people at some awesome stations! Thank you so much to the stations in Kamloops, Abbotsford, 100 Mile House, and Prince George for having me in for a chat on air! We also really enjoyed driving into northern Alberta and stopping in to stations in towns including Whitecourt, Drayton Valley, Westlock, St. Paul, Edmonton, Wainright, as well as Stettler, Drumheller, and High River, and a special thanks to Saskatoon for having us out just last friday! And of course I can't forget my home town Olds, AB! I cannot thank everyone enough for all the support I have recieved and I also can't wait to release the second single and hear what all these awesome stations have to say! We are just getting used to staying at home every night and although its nice to be home we definitely miss being on the road! Even my puppy got pretty used to the whole idea, he's a seasoned pro now! With Thanksgiving just last weeekend it really got me thinking about all of the incredible opportunities I have had and all the wonderful people I have gotten to work with! I am so grateful for everyone's support in this crazy industry! I cannot even express how thankful I am for all the people in my life throughout the past few years that have really pushed and helped me along the way. This summer will be tough to beat, but I will definitely try! Thank you again so much to all of the MD's in all of the towns we hit throughout the months of August and September for having me in to visit, hopefully I will see you all again when my next single drops!



July 18th, Grandpa's birthday, New single!

Good Morning world! Busy day ahead of us! If your in Red Deer and looking for something to do today head down to Westerner Days, I'll be playing at 4 pm on the Midway Stage! If your in Olds and can't make it to Red Deer today there will be a cancer benefit concert in Olds at the Theatre tonight featuring Blake Reid and I'll be performing as a guest! Doors open at 7:45! Then after this long day of watching music your probably gonna want some ice cream right?! Me Too! Today is my Grandpa's birthday, and we've started a tradition in honour of Grandpa to have a pig out on his birthday, the rules are "If you can't finish your dessert, don't eat your dinner" Join us wherever you are in celebrating my Grandpa's birthday! Have a fantastic day everyone! See you in Red Deer, Olds, and DQ!

In other news, my single Are You Thinkin' was released on monday the 15th, yesterday, the 17th it made the DMDS top 5 Downloads list!! Super exciting and very promising, hopefully it does that well on the charts too!! I'm thrilled to have this single released, and a HUGE thank you is in order to all of those who made this single even possible, from the recording studio to the co-writers, to the musicians who played on it, and the radio promoter who is now got her work cut out for her! Everyone has played a huge part and I'm so greatful to everyone involved! If you havent heard the single yet check it out on my music page, youtube at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PsQ_5ovuFT4 and purchase it on iTunes and CDbaby! (the links to those are on my music page!) Hope you all have a fantastic day!

Happy Birthday Grandpa,



Factor Supported Recording!

Hi All,

We've just received the good news that I have been awarded a factor grant for recording! I will be recording at the end of January 3 new songs to release to radio! I'm very excited and have been working like crazy on building up my songs for January! I'm also getting ready for the Toronto bound trip! Counting down the days till an amazing conference with tons of very talented people! I Hope everyone had as great of Christmas as I did with my very loud and fun family, Can't wait for the new year and tons of new and exciting gigs and trips!

xo Dani

Busy, Busy, Busy!

Things have been crazy busy since school started up again, something new every weekend! Just last night I opened for Lisa Brokop and Paul Jefferson (AKA The Jeffersons) and before that I was one of the two young albertans at ATAA's Alberta Showcase! Such a huge honour to be a part of both these events! Now I'm starting to gear up to release my new single "Lucky Love Is Blind"! I'm super excited, and all these crazy gigs have put me on a creative high! I've been writing some new songs that I'm really excited about and can't wait to record! I'm also very honoured to be invited to participate in the Folk Alliance convention in Toronto in February! I'm going with a group of extremely talented artists and musicians called "Toronto Bound"! We've even put together a compilation CD with all these amazing people on it! The CD's are available by every member of the trip at their live shows! I'm so excited for all the booming activity I've seen these past few months and I can't wait for more!

Amazing Summer!

Well there is less than a week left till school which means I am coming to the end of my last summer break.. Its been an amazing summer, packed with gigs, photoshoots, new videos, and tons of social networking! One more year of school and I will be facing the real scary world, doing what I love the most... Music! I've had some really amazing experiences this summer, working with some amazing musicians, writing new songs, and having a blast on stage! My most recent gig was probably the most fun I've ever had on stage. I performed at The Taste of Calgary festival with Serge Soucy and Therry Lawson and it felt amazing! The croud was energetic and their vibes made us even more excited to be there! Will definitely never forget that gig! Everything I have done this summer has been a huge learning experience and has definitely contributed to my development as an artist! I wouldn't change this summer for the world, and I'm gonna miss it a lot! But the summer isn't quite over yet! This weekend I will be at Okotoks performing for the Chinook Honey Co. This may be the last gig of my summer break but the school year is already looking busy with tons of weekend gigs! Very excited! This may be the best year yet! Much Love Dani-Lynn

Big Valley Jamboree!!

Saturday at BVJ was amazing! I got to perform with incredable artists Including Samantha King and Clayton Belamy, among other amazing talent! It was an honour to be on stage with such established artists, I hope to be back again next year! The whole Jamboree was truely amazing! After my performance we spent the day listening to other artists and stayed for the Toby Keith concert! Unfortunately the concert was delayed because of weather, but once he started there wasnt one person not singing along! It was a blast! Even the huge rainfall dumping all over the entire croud was fun! All in all amazing day, even with all the bumps I wouldnt change it for the world! By far the best summer festival I have had the pleasure of performing at! Much Love and awaiting next year! Dani

Busy Summer!

I've had a great summer so far, working like crazy on my music career from dawn to dusk, and it's paying off! My fan base has gone up like crazy this summer and I'm getting ready for some amazing gigs! Next weekend I'll be at Big Valley Jamboree on the songwriters stage, so my focus has been zoned in on perfecting my set for that! Then later in August I'll be playing at Taste of Calgary with my band and then at the ATAA Alberta Showcase! I'm super excited! I can't believe summer is already half over and I'll be going into my final year of high school, I wish this summer would last forever! At this point, I can't imagine what I would do without music, I could tell you what it tastes like right now, seeing as I've been sleeping, breathing, eating music! haha. Thank goodness I have people in my life who support me in my career, I can't wait to show them that their belief in me was right!

Much love and thank you for your support

xoxo Dani


On Saturday I performed on the Wow stage at the stampede, what a day! There was a huge croud which was awesome for my performance! I had a blast and can't wait for next years stampede to roll around! We ended up spending the rest of the day on the grounds fighting our way through the crowds, luckily it wasnt as hot out on saturday so weaving through the streets wasn't as bad! On our way out we went through the back door to get a ride back to our parking place and we ran into Paul Brandt! It was so cool! I tried my hardest not to be starstruck and gave him one of my CD's! Lets hope he listens to it! He also told me to tell Lisa Brokop that he wanted a rematch in pool, so sending out that message to her as well! All in all the day went very well! Nothin wrong with meeting celebrities right? haha. But now I'm back to the norm, and getting ready for next friday at Westerner Days in Red Deer. Gonna be another busy weekend so i'm absorbing the practice time and sleep in capabilites of the week! See you all next week in Red Deer!

xoxo Dani-Lynn

Smokin' Hot Summetime!

The 30 degree weather outside has leaked into our house and the floors upstairs are bubbling like they are boiling so my puppies and I have resorted to the basement with my guitar to practice up for the Calgary Stampede on the 14th! I'm super excited to be going back to the Stampede, although this year I'll try to refrain from spending so much money in the games area! If this weather keeps up I'll probably be hitting the log ride over and over! haha. Luckily I will be playing on an indoor stage (Windows On The West stage) so if anyone is sweltering in the heat on Saturday at the Stampede, and is tired of the log ride, come check out my set! This summer is gonna be a good one, I can feel it already! I'm looking forward to swimming and camping and writing a ton of songs! hopefully school gets the message and doesnt rush back into my life! Enjoying an iced coffee in the heat xoxo Dani