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The Music Industry and it's wackness

What's with all these people making songs sounding the same? What's with these artists who aren't the real talented folk out here? Me being unsigned, I have realized that a lot of the most raw talent you will ever see is through unsigned musicians and artists. Now I don't hate. That's not my job. I show love, respect and honor where it is due. The thing that really grinds my gears (Family Guy lol) is that these talent scouts and agents out here are people that have never picked up an instrument in their life. Why aren't people like Dru Hill and Marques Houston finding these talents? My point is put people where they belong. I'm cut from a different cloth. I know the music industry changes a lot but this particular topic of unsigned artists not being recognized has been going on for some years now. I mean what happened to talent being the foundation of the music business!!? I don't know...all I know is music is what I breathe. I was put on this earth to move people. Music is the life I will never give up! Hopefully the whole world can see that some time soon ya know!?

StarLight Xpress

Got a project I'm working on called "StarLight Xpress". It's a fun project with some good quality music. It's going to be a free download on here and datpiff.com. I'm going to be rocking out to some of the most anticipating R&B hits instrumentals ever made in the industry. I know I haven't gave ya'll anything spectacular yet but it's time we make that a normal routine! Thank you for rocking with me these past couple of years. I feel blessed to have you as fans and listeners. I will keep you guys posted on the date I will be dropping it. Stay tuned. I've got a lot in store for you guys this year! Much Love. #MonteRay #StarPowerEnt

New Mixtape, New Sound, New Me!

Okay Monte Ray checking in! Just want to tell you guys that my new mixtape is on the way entitled 'Good Music Part 1' and its a side of me you have never heard before. Don't officially have a date set but it will be dropping this summer! Straight R&B from me, no rapping, except from other people lol. Its the grown up side of me now that I'm 21! A lot of my fans still know or hanging on to that teenage me from myspace but that time and era is over. It's time to get real! NO MORE SUCKER SHIT! haha thats what Wiz said! Shout out to Taylor Gang, Maybach, and all the independent artists and labels doing their thing. Never give up on ya dream! All my fans i love ya'll!! MRay out!



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The Laptop Muzik Project

Okay so im getting feedback that the songs aren't quite the best quality off of my new upcoming mixtape. Well thats sort of the point. I'm doing all of these songs off of this mixtape on my laptop, no mic, no mixer, no anything. Just the laptop. I'm doing this just to see how good i can make it sounds once everything is finished. It's basically a test for me just to see what all I can do with just a mixtape. So yes the songs will not be of the best quality but that's the whole point of it. That is why it is called "The Laptop Muzik Project'. If you have anynmore questions feel free to ask.