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Vocalist/Bandleader Keith Dames & da Kats in Black Hats.

Hey y'all my name is Keith Dames I'm the Bandleader and Vocalist of the Band known as the Kats in Blacks Hats which consist of primaily me on vocals with a rhythm section of piano, bass, guitar & drums. the original Kats were: Willie Morris Mitchell (piano), Suleiman Hakim Wright (bass) and Ronnie Williams (drums), after Ronnie moved to China, a promotion CD entitled Keith Dames In B & W was recorded at M & I Recording Studio which included Buddy Henry on (drums). The upcoming debut CD entitled Left Alone which was also recorded at M & I features the quartet of Danny Mixon (piano), Bob Cunningham (bass), Marvin Horne (guitar) and G. Earl Grice (drums).