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CGD Favorites:

Here's a list of drumming equipment that I have found to produce enjoyable tone, be reliable, long-lasting, and even look pretty cool.

Cymbals: Zildjian

Bass Drums: Slingerland

Toms: Pearl

Snare Drums: Ludwig (Black Beauty)

Heads: Evans

Sticks: Pro-Mark

Hardware: DW

Cases/Bags: Road Runner

These drums + cymbals, time and time again, have made my neck crane and my ears perk when others play them. I also love the feel and fatness of tone the drums + cymbals produce when struck.


I once asked dozens of people to name one thing that's overrated and one thing that's underrated. Here is a short list of responses:

Overrated: Expensive cars, boyfriends, relationships, gourmet coffee, designer clothes, and sex..

Underrated: Supportive family, shoes, cheap cars, home-cooked meals, and live music.

Rhythm = Life = Rhythm

Been trying to split up 16th note patterns into different groupings (e.g., 5+5+6, or 6+6+4) and move each group to a different drum in repeated fashion. Liking what I hear... especially faster... AND faster still....