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Hi My Friends !

I've totally forgotten this song... Shame on me ! It's one of my favorites songs , enjoy it !!!

Hi all !

I covered this beautiful song of Jared Letho !

Hi ! Other title I very like ! Is from Mylene Farmer

Hi ! I play guitar and sigin with my frend Sam ON "je te rends ton amour" I hope you like it !

Hi all !!! A new song is coming ! As Long As You Love Me

Hi !!! i've made this new song only for my personnal pleasure ! I love this cover by Annie-Rose a great talented artist and just for the fun I cover this title to ;)

My New song !

Hi All ! My New Song "The Walkyria Song" Was Made in one day enjoy it !!!

Hi my New song is for my Girlfriend !

My New song "Join Me" is for my Girlfriend with all my love !

The flesh And Blood Is my latest Work for this year

I writed this song in 1986 with Urban Way Band and i love it ! I've made a new version in 2012 just for you the fans !!!

Over The RainBow my new Song !

Finished Holidays ! And for the Fans here is my new song ! Enjoy it !

The Chase is my new Song

Hi all The chase is my new Song after a hard work I finished it ! I play Drums, Bass and all Guitars on it ! Enjoy it !

The news !

I'm Busy now to upgrading my old tracks and to create the new tracks ! Thanks for your patience !