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Gointa Indiana Gointa Indaina Gointa Indiana...

A week from today I hop on a plane to play two shows with my buddies Heather Styka and Clint Alphin in the great state of Indiana.

The first show is September 24 at the INDY FOLK SERIES (that's a stage whisper, not yelling).

Re-heally looking forward to this one - Heather and Clint are a couple of my favorite songwriters. Pretty soon I'll get to hear their stuff live and sneak the odd harmony.

Next day the three of us will be in Bloomington (Indiana again) for a house concert.

Come see us!

Songs From the Circle 4

Danny Gotham hosts the Songs From the Circle concert every year, and this year I got to be a part of it. I knew it would be good. I knew it would be fun. I didn’t expect to have to hang on to my jaw for two sets of solid country joy, spontaneity and chops. Mike Babyak (dobro) Tom Collins-Meltzer (guitar, vocal) LaNelle Davis (guitar, vocal) Julie Elkins (guitar, vocal) Danny Gotham (guitar, mandolin, vocal) Jeferson Hart (guitar, vocal) Bobb Head (stand-up bass) Jan Johansson (fiddle) Stan Lewis (guitar, vocal) Rebecca Newton (guitar, vocal) Jim Roberts (drums and percussion) Hank Smith (banjo) Lindsey Tims (fiddle) F.J Ventre (stand-up bass) Jim Watson (of the Red Clay Ramblers – guitar and vocal) This stuff is popping up on YouTube, and I recommend strongly you seek it out. Thank you Danny Gotham for putting this show together, and for letting me be a part of it.

There's a CD in my present.

A boatload of copies of my CD One Layer Down are here at my house, and I am soldering the joins to make it available to anyone who wants it. I am stupid proud of this disc.

My website (wescollins.com) should be up and running soon.

Dan Parr Pelletier
Dan Parr Pelletier  (almost 5 years ago)

I would love a copy!

Wes Collins
Wes Collins  (almost 5 years ago)

Hey Dan!
Howzabout we finish up that interrupted lunch?

That fast

I put down the "real" guitar parts for all eleven songs at Chris Rosser's Hollow Reed Arts Studio this weekend. Scott Dameron added guitar groove to two songs (and general upbeat vibe to the whole weekend). Chris then wrote and played bass parts on five of the songs. I'm asighted y'all. It is happening.

There is a CD in my future. Near future, I hope.

Despite my best efforts to procrastinate, my family has conspired to MAKE me get serious about recording a CD. So:

Y’all, I am recording a CD, or something. I am.

I spent the last couple of days working with Chris Rosser and River Guerguerian at Hollow Reed Arts Recording Studios in Asheville, NC. Chris and I recorded rough guides for eight songs on Friday, charted them on Saturday, and River nailed drum tracks for all eight on Sunday.

I go back to record "keeper" guitar tracks (with some special guests) and vocals weekend after next. No time to overthink (my achilles elbow).

If I don’t choke, it's going to be very good. Chris and River have set the ball up on a tee and handed me a twenty-pound bat.