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Never Stop Writing...

Never stop writing. Always have pen and paper handy, an iPhone or a digital recorder. If you cant record your idea right then, you sing it, hum it, whistle the melody until you can get it recorded. Never let an inspiration or idea pass. "The Groove" was written in a warehouse on an iPhone. "Miss Friday" was written in a laundry room in the basement of a college dorm. "Losing Control" was written by three people and then pieced together. "Sins and Tragedies" was two notes on a piano and one line... "Look at myself in the mirror". If we had let anyone of those moments of creation pass, there would be no album. So if you see one of us singing to a phone, frantically running for a guitar or piano, or scribbling words and notes on a piece of paper, know that we are not insane. We are just inspired.

What ever happened to Rock n Roll?

Where's the Rock n Roll? All four of us have numerous musical influences from R&B to Country to Folk. There's a lot of good music out there to enjoy, but Rock seems to have drawn the short end of the stick lately. Did you know that the Foo Fighters won an AMA this year, but it wasn't even televised? Sad but true. As we have searched the region for our rock n' roll comrades, we've come across some familiar faces producing stellar tunes. If you are a fan of original rock and are looking for some great bands to follow, here are a few recomendations in no paticular order: 1) Josh Roberts and the Hinges (Columbia, SC): Raw, Rockin' Americana. Great band with solid tunes... also we are partial to the bass player. 2) Hornit (Jacksonville, FL) Rock. An awesome stage show... killer hooks you will sing for days. 3) Farewell Disaster (Macon/Warner Robins, GA) Hard Rock. A heavy dose of melody with a tight, exciting stage show to boot. 4) Con Man Trick Show (Atlanta, GA) New band on the scene. Think a funky Doorsish sound. Check 'em out. Saw their debut show a few weeks back, fantastic 5) Burn For Effect (Atlanta, GA) Hard Rock done nicely, Incubus meets STP with a little 2000's flavor. 6) Damn the Name (Orlando, FL) Can a three piece really make that much rock? Yes, yes they can. So get out to a show, support your local rock and tell them Davistreet sent you.

The Eithers
The Eithers  (about 6 years ago)


To the fans: The Sounds of "eleven"

We'd like to thank everyone for the rave reviews of "eleven"... we are so happy that everyone is enjoying the new tunes. A lot of folks have asked how we put this all together since June. It was a lot of hard work, but it all started with the songs. Some were written already. Some were just ideas. The album was originally going to have 9 tunes, but in August, a last minute of writing inspiration brought forth "the groove" and "losing control". We knew we had the songs and the players for the songs. We searched the southeast for a studio and producer who could meet our creative needs and our budget. We found one right in our back yard. We recorded "eleven" at Lava Room Recordings in Buford, GA. We knew producer/owner Eric Snipes could deliver killer sounds, but we had no idea that we would all work so well together. It was like there was a fifth member of the band. If you are one of our musically inclined fans and you are considering recording, check out www.lavaroomrecordings.com. Eric, Phillip, Brian, and Deb (the Lava Room Crew) will make you sound like a million bucks!!! So we hope you continue to enjoy the new tunes on "eleven"... share them, spread the word... and thanks again for your support.

Awaiting the release of "eleven"

On Friday, November 4th, we will officially release "eleven"... lots of folks have said it's called eleven because there are 11 tracks. Today is the eleventh anniversary of Davistreet's first live performance outside Sanford Dorm @ GCSU in 2000. It's been eleven years of making music for Johnny and Trevor. The sound has changed over the years, we've made life long friends, played with fantastic musicians, took a little time off, we've lived and learned, we've loved and we've lost. So in a few days, you'll hear eleven tunes that cover eleven years from the beginning to now and with the newest members, Corey and BuBu, throwing down the beat and the groove, you will hear a new sound and have a new Davistreet tune or two stuck in your head... We can't wait to see you at 106 West in Winder, GA on November 4th for the release of "eleven"!!! Davistreet has returned...