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New music!!!

Hey Reverbnation, what's up! I'm excited to put some new music on my page and share with you. I have a new song called "Quite Like You", check it out. Peace


Dontez 3.0

What's up peeps? I am super excited about releasing my album in January. I will be filming a few indie music videos in about a month, so be on the lookout for that stuff. And I am working on new songs everyday. That, plus the million other things I have my hands in, I am blessed to be here and working on my dreams. God bless you all, and thanks for listening, watching and reading about Dontez. Love.

First uploads to ReverbNation

Well, my journey has officially begun. I have just uploaded the first 4 of what will hopefully be many more songs to ReverbNation. I feel great!!!!! Hope you all like them...