Sunny Tuff: “Africa Dab Bra”

Tuff Linkz International/SLMG presents Sunny Tuff and his latest single “Africa Dab Bra” produced by St. Paul. Sunny Tuff is an International Recording and Performing Artist. He has recently joined the NY based Hip-Hop Super Group Hellkeydoe.

Sunny Tuff’s latest solo single is simply off the hook. If you remember the first time you heard Tribe Called Quest, Black Sheep, De La Soul or the Roots and you remember how it made you love Hiphop and feel part of something special, this is a can’t miss for you. Apart from being passionate, intelligent music that engulfs you in its relevance and sense of necessity, Sunny has managed to deliver a catchy title and chorus line, with a snappy play on words!

Sunny Tuff seems to have acquired an innate knowledge of writing a tune that sticks in your head like chewing gum. His lyrics and beats break the mold of stereotypical hip-hop. He is a break from the norm, a voice from the streets, and an intelligent mind expressing them.

I think what makes “Africa Dab Bra” so appealing is the amazing layering in the song. While often rap music can sound monotonous or melody-free, Sunny Tuff proves differently by integrating song, rap and groove into all the right places. This trait runs through almost all of Sunny’s tracks as he brings intelligence and love of music to his game. His lyrical content is strong. His game is strong and his love for the music is strong.

If you seek intelligence, lyrics and lovable beats, then Sunny Tuff’s music should be in your life. Through time Hiphop, has served as an independent tool, a medium, for the promotion, raising and in many cases has been the impetus for generating political, self, and cultural consciousness in peoples throughout the world. Sunny seems aware that it is the artist who determines whether hip-hop turns into club rap garbage or meaningful music. And as such, he has chosen the latter pathway.

Sunny Tuff can appeal to underground and mainstream audiences. He has the courage to experiment with his songs taking the most essential rap elements and turning out something innovative. Standout tracks by Sunny include, “So Gone”, “Grown”, “It Don’t Matter”, “Tuff Luff” and “System Operator”.

His exuberance and passion allows him to transcend the constraints of the “keep it real” rawness, without becoming compromised by concept and over-production. It is an example of an artist, expressing himself honestly and with natural skill and confidence.

If you want talent and dope beats start by grabbing Sunny Tuff’s latest single, “Africa Dab Bra”, then move on to his other stuff. You won’t be disappointed! Click Link Here: http://jamsphere.com/reviews/sunny-tuff-africa-dab-bra-integrating-song-rap-and-groove-into-all-the-right-places

Conscious Party Tour

Check out this video: Conscious Party: Hip Hop from South Africa to South Carolina Tour which was videotaped June 10th in New York City, by clicking here http://youtu.be/pMMVNN5039o

*Look out for the single from Tehuti aka 4 "Conscious Party"

*Don't forget to get the Jah I Witness album E11EVEN

*Keep listening for more hot music from Sunny Tuff including "Summer Love"

Meanwhile, here is a glimpse of some upcoming dates for the

Conscious Party: Hip Hop from South Africa to South Carolina Tour:

Tuesday July 17 Richmond, VA part 1 8pm-12pm (Sneak Peek Event @ Verses)

Thursday July 19 Philadelphia, PA 7-10pm @ Black and Nobel

Friday July 20 Washington, DC (early appearance 7pm @ TBD) Richmond, VA part 2 (late show 10pm-2pm @ Addis)

Saturday July 21 Richmond VA part 3 Community Garden (Day Time Event)

Raleigh-Durham, NC Appearance in Raleigh-Durham area (evening event/details coming soon)

Sunday July 22 Winston-Salem, NC show with DEAD PREZ @ Ziggys

Tuesday July 24 Columbia, SC @Art Bar

August 2012 dates will include Budapest,Hungary....Bratislava, Slovakia....London....Paris

For Booking Information and Media Inquiries contact:Meta4bookings@aol.com 202-297-2835

Hip Hop From South Africa to South Carolina Tour(Tribute to Gil Scott Heron)

Who: Jah-I Witness, Sunny Tuff and 4

What: Hip Hop From South Africa to South Carolina Tour(Top Floor) (Tribute to Gil Scott Heron)

Hip Hop Party(Bottom Floor) with DJ Iwah on the 1's and 2's

When: June 10th 9pm-until

Where: The Pyramid 101 Avenue A # 1 New York, NY (between between 6 th and 7 th Street)


CONGRATS TO JAH-I-WITNESS EMCEE!!! The Winner of “Explore South Africa, Conscious Music Movement Tour“ (ESAT)...S/O To EVERYONE who participated "Don't Stop The Body Rock"-Sunny Tuff RUNNER UP:Prince Tiny...@Black Liquid @Ashton Martin @Zion Ravane Fall @Eternal Swyft @MC Holy Ghost @D’zire @Prince Tiny @Sunny Tuff @Jah-I-Witness Emcee @rebel-lion @EBOI (Energy Based On Intelligence) @Saiah @Rain (Christi Johnson) ***See Jah-I-Witness here: http://simplylaced.com/blog/


SUNNY TUFF Interview on "THE DRE PARKER SHOW"(Brooklyn, NY) www.blogstar.com/shows/159/episodes/29051

Sunny Tuff will be on The Dre Parker show tonight 9pm EST...

Sunny Tuff will be on The Dre Parker show tonight 9pm EST....


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The long anticipated release from SUNNY TUFF of SIMPLY LACED MUSIC GROUP/AXYATIK MUSIC BRAND is now available for download on DatPiff.com!!!



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